Broken Arrow Urgent Care | Health built on integrity

This content was written for AMC Urgent Care.

You might have a primary physician that you actually really love. And we are actually thrilled to hear about that. But have you ever had a situation where they were not available and you needed a reliable Broken Arrow urgent care that was there for you seven days a week? As this something that is extremely important to you because you have a family that is relying on you to provide help for them? AMC is the place for you. Call us today.

We are a facility that is built on Integrity. So what exactly does that mean? Integrity is it something that we value with extreme passion here at our facility. It means that we are honest with the care that we provide you. And honesty also includes the fact that we have the most affordable pricing because we don’t want to take advantage of you. We actually want to serve you and that’s exactly what we do every time that you visit or even just call us over the phone.

We have a strong moral principles with higher standards than your average urgent care that you have probably experienced in the past. Let’s be honest a lot of those facilities are only there because they know you have nowhere else to go. So we have also found that the care that you received their is not of the quality and credibility that you actually deserve. We focus extremely hard on making sure that we are everything opposite of this. It’s inspiring to us to find a patient that is a little skeptical and then leaves our facility with the biggest smile on their face even if they came in not feeling well.

We Build friendships here not just client charts. Friendships are also built on honesty and integrity with a higher moral standard. That’s why you will feel like a friend here and not just another patient or another number to us because we are so thrilled and thankful to have you come into our facility. This is something that we have built the entire culture of our company around. that’s a realistic approach that a lot of facilities are unfortunately missing out on because they don’t take the time to slow down and truly consider the thoughts and concerns you have.

IMC Broken Arrow urgent care we are here seven days a week and make sure you are always in the best hands even as late as 8:30 p.m. We are extremely generous with our knowledge because we are passionate about what we do and believe that we can help our universe with sharing those gifts. It’s not a necessity but we do have fun here at our office and so we can always lift your spirits just by that alone. But aside from having fun we are a combined effort of years of experience with insightful knowledge that will bring quality to your life. Call us today or just walk into our Clinic.