Broken Arrow Urgent Care | Give us Feedback!

This content was written for AMC Urgent Care.

Have you ever been to a doctor’s office that seemed extremely offended by any type of feedback that you had to give them because they insisted that they knew everything and you didn’t? Is it something that bothers you because you feel like everybody should be able to take feedback in order to improved? Are you a confident that you deserve so much more than this out of your facility that you choose? AMC Broken Arrow Urgent Care is the facility for you because we are constantly learning new things and mastering our skills and knowledge.

It’s extremely realistic for you to expect that we are actually open to hearing your feedback. In fact you can check out our Google reviews to see that we highly encourage for others to let us know how we’re doing. Fortunately our patients are really satisfied and I think that that has no sort of coincidence because we are constantly searching for ways to be better. We have such an enthusiasm for Learning and developing. In fact the development of our facility has come so far and just a short amount of time.

However we do actually have a team of years of experience of combined effort. We also feed off of each other’s energy which is actually positive and so that’s why our company continues to grow and improve in the way that we address your house. We work extremely hard every single day 7 days a week To be better than we were yesterday. We are always developing and always searching within. But we also need your feedback because we really value it because we value you. The whole purpose of our company is to take care of you.

The reason we are so passionate about this is because if we don’t know how you feel then we don’t know how we can improve. And if you know anything about us by now it’s that we want to. Our customer service is top-notch and you will receive nothing less every time you come into our facility. It’s extremely valuable to us when you leave a review for us on Google so that other people can see how well we have affected their life. The beauty of working with us is that you can trust you are in good hands.

I am see Broken Arrow urgent care facility is dedicated to learning more each and every day because we want one is best for you. If we are pushing ourselves to learn more than we won’t actually be developing everyday. This doesn’t create a secure type of house for you if we were to go against us. That’s why we are extremely accountable. Come in and see our facility and meet our staff so that you can get a feel for how enthusiastic we are about taking care of you. Or you can even just call us over the phone.