If you feel like you don’t feel well and are considering a trip to the Emergency Room Stillwater, then you may want to try and make a trip to AMC Urgent Care unless it is a life-threatening or limb threatening for a very painful situation. If it is between the hours of 9 AM any 30 p.m. any day during the week except for Sunday in which we are open from 10 PM to 5:30 PM, then he should actually try make it into AMC Urgent Care facility because we can provide a much more affordable medical care experience with the same quality of medical care as you would find at the hospital. You may even have a shorter wait and your bill will almost certainly be smaller.

Making want to know they can AMC Urgent Care though how much it’s going to cost. That is a difficult question to answer because it can vary in the situation fluctuate greatly, but if you do have insurance and we are in network writer, then you get a very clear picture of what it may cost based on what your company the same as if you went to your regular doctor or anywhere else. So for most people have insurance, it can be whatever your co-pay or your deductible is currently just depends on the situation, and what we’re treating you for the costs involved but almost certainly will be a more affordable price than going to the Emergency Room Stillwater.

When you come to AMC Urgent Care though not only are you going to have the same quality of care that you get from the Emergency Room Stillwater, but can also provide you with most of the same services. Here at AMC Urgent Care you can receive on-site labs, EKGs, on-site digital x-rays, be administered IV fluids medications, and even receive a sports physical. We can also do more routine care such as treating you for poison ivy, earaches, the flu, strep throat, the common cold, and urinary tract infections. These are some of the most common things we see at urgent care but we can also do occupational medical services as well.

Just keep in mind that here at AMC Urgent Care we are in network providers for most insurance carriers, and we provide a very convenient to the emergency room are waiting for weeks on end get them with your doctor. Such as with the flu and it is not an emergency but it is also not viable to wait more than a week to see to an AMC Urgent Care and we can get you take care of.

If you feel like you would benefit most from our urgent care services, then just walk in any time no appointment needed. Contact us directly to give us a call at 405-385-0029, we can always find us on our website at amcurgentcare.com we can find a lot more information about us in the company and what we can do for you, and you can also pay your bill online conveniently and also apply to join our team.

Emergency Room Stillwater | How Does Urgent Care Work?

If you’re wondering whatever your illness or injury is whether it is more of a Emergency Room Stillwater situation or more of a urgent care situation, and you’ve never been urgent care before the this explains you as is and how urgent care can be more beneficial in certain situations. If it is between the hours of 9 AM and 5:30 PM during our business hours and your condition is not in any immediately life-threatening situation or if you’re not experiencing maximum amounts of pain, lovely for you. This is because urgent care is similar to an emergency room only we do not take care of you in life threatening situations. Otherwise we can provide you with the same quality of care the same services that you would find in an emergency room and this is the best option whenever you can also not see your doctor in the next few days for mild pain illness for minor injuries but need attention within 24 to 48 hours.

The urgent care system works much like the Emergency Room Stillwater. You walk in no appointment needed and get assessed and then seen by a medical care provider as soon as possible. So say for instance that you have the flu, you would not want to go to the emergency room, but your doctor can get you in for a week. That is the situation which you would want to see an urgent care provider such as AMC Urgent Care. They will be a will to get you in as soon as possible that they treat you for that and send you on your way to wellness.

However, you may want to elect to go to the Emergency Room Stillwater if it is a situation in which you are experiencing extremely severe pain cannot wait to be treated for because his is likely causing you great harm and is either a life-threatening, or limb threatening, or if you need to be seen between the hours of 5:30 PM and 9 AM when we are close.

Otherwise you should always like to come to urgent care when the emergency room and your doctor are Bible options. We are in network providers for most insurance carriers, we stay open on weekends and holidays, provide the same services for the most widely you’ll find in the emergency room and can trust her medical care because our medical staff has well over 100 years of combined medical training. And you can always walk in at any time. We also accept private pay discounts.

You feel like AMC Urgent Care is going to be the best option for you in your situation then don’t hesitate and walk into our facility at 1909 W. 6th St., Ste B, Stillwater, OK to receive care. If you need can also give us a call at any time during business hours 405-385-0029, and if you’d like to find out more information about us now or in the future you can always go to amcurgentcare.com. From here you can also apply to be a member of our team and pay your bill online if need be.