Have ever had to face the dilemma in the past of into the Emergency Room Stillwater because you have a lot of paying going on, but you can’t get in to see your doctor and it is not life-threatening but you really need to see somebody as soon as possible on the same day, then you’re in luck because urgent care is available in Stillwater and when that’s the case you want to go with the best is the waters for his urgent care goes and they’ll be AMC Urgent Care located at 1909 W. 6th St., Ste B, Stillwater, OK.

In contrast to most other urgent care facilities that negate their convenience by closing by 5 o’clock worker at the same time as their regular doctor, here at AMC Urgent Care we make sure that we work later than you do by staying open until 8:30 PM Monday through Saturday until 5:30 PM on Sunday. So if you don’t want to pay emergency room prices because it’s not an immediate emergency and life-threatening or intolerable pain and not a necessary Emergency Room Stillwater situation, and you can’t wait a week to see your doctor, then AMC Urgent Care is the choice for you. This is the convenience that AMC Urgent Care and that we know that we can provide to you with the same quality medical care you’ll find anywhere else.

When you come into an AMC Urgent Care you will find that we provide you with the same quality medical care that you will get to your family doctor we can do it with close to the speed of the Emergency Room Stillwater but have more of a price point similar to your family doctor. Artist care sort of the best of both worlds but without sacrificing the quality of your medical care.

AMC Urgent Care are in network providers for most insurance carriers so cost should be the same as it would be anywhere else that the network such as your family doctor or your emergency room, and provide you with sing quality of medical care and you may be feeling better knowing that AMC Urgent Care our medical staff has well over 100 years combined of medical training. So your going to find that the only are we more convenient but we can often be more affordable especially for the people that don’t have insurance, and we provide maximum convenience by being open on holidays as well.

So if you feel like you need urgent care assistance and don’t hesitate anytime you can also call us if you wish for any more information at 405-385-0029, or you can go directly to the website contain their as well as the the ability to pay your bill online and join our team with an application if you wish.

Emergency Room Stillwater | The Top Urgent Care In Stillwater.

You find yourself facing the dilemma of whether or not you should yourself into Emergency Room Stillwater, or facility type situation, then we can help you figure that out. If it is not life-threatening or limb threatening and you’re not tolerable pain and we are open, then you should always choose urgent care. Urgent care is more affordable and more efficient we get the same quality care as you would at your family doctor in the emergency room. Urgent care is the best of both worlds where you don’t have to wait 24 to 48 hours or weeks to see your family doctor, and you don’t have to going right now be charged for emergency services when it is not required but you do want to see a professional as soon as possible.

So whenever you are seeking out urgent care assistance, you want to find the best alternative to the Emergency Room Stillwater and the best urgent care facility. Available in Stillwater and that would be AMC Urgent Care. AMC Urgent Care is a doubt top of the care facility in Stillwater because of our convenience the services that we provide in our knowledge and experience. First of all we have better hours than anybody else so to provide the services that you need we need to see somebody on the same day but you are also required to work. We stay open later than 5 PM which is what most urgent care facility so that. Monday through Saturday we stay with 8:30 PM, and on Sundays we’re open until 5:30 PM.

In addition to that we can provide you with any and all services that you find your doctor’s office and almost every same convenience get in the Emergency Room Stillwater the life-threatening situations and services notwithstanding. Here at our facility at AMC Urgent Care in Stillwater you can still find that we can form on site Labrador, EKGs, digital x-rays, administer IV fluids the medications, and even perform sports physicals. We gave treat the common illnesses and injuries that you would normally see her family doctor for and not at the Emergency Room Stillwater such as poison ivy, earaches, the flu, strep throat, the common cold and even urinary tract infections. These are the things you can’t wait a week or two weeks to see your doctor on, but you don’t want to go the emergency room for and that is the magic of urgent care.

Also when it comes AMC Urgent Care we provide the best services because can feel safe and of our staff knowing that our staff has a find well over 100 experience medical training. Also the cost is generally more efficient than going to especially if you don’t have insurance which leads us to our next point and that is the fact that we are in network providers for most insurance companies. We also make sure we still went on holidays see can catch us seven days a week throughout the year.

If you feel like AMC Urgent Care’s can be the solution for you, they get in touch with us or just walk in any time but if you need to call you can find us at 405-385-0029 can also find us at amcurgentcare.com which you can find more information and also pay your bill online if you need that convenience as well.