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This content was written for AMC Urgent Care

Do you remember a time when you were dear precious child had an accident or injury during a athletic event and urinating and Owasso Urgent Care on the fly to take care of they’re injury? Did you feel like you were left in the deep end to find the care that your child so desperately needed? Did you have to wait until Monday to be able to see your doctor? This is a problem that AMC Urgent Care is happy to solve for you. Call us today so that you can ask how we can help.

Quality that’s often overlooked by other offices in the area is customer service with a purpose. We believe you shouldn’t have to deal with bad attitudes at the front desk and that is why we pride ourselves in having the friendliest environment. Everything we do is designed to serve you but we take it a step further with a warm smile and compassionate approach. Our facilities are extremely clean because the level of Excellence that you deserve. the last thing you want to do is be greeted by someone who is not friendly and that’s why we created a culture of warm bubbly atmosphere.

So how about that time when your child needed an x-ray immediately because they just can’t wait any longer to find the results they need. when you find yourself in a similar situation you can rest easy because we offer on-site digital x-ray Imaging. one way we go above and beyond for you is that we offer the CD of images for you to take home copies. if unfortunately your child does have a broken foot or whatever it may be we also are able to cast that broken bone here at the office on site. Once the remedy of your treatment has run its course we are also the ones who will turn to for follow-up care super cute.

We have three locations including Owasso Stillwater and Ponca City so you can find us even when your team is traveling on the road. Every time you visit you will definitely feel like you were part of the crew and even so like you are family to us. We value you and your Wellness to extreme degree and that’s why we are dedicated every single day for you. Our availability is extremely hard to be since you’re okay. personalized care as a great way to explain the way that we operate here.

The next time you find yourself needing a physician on the weekend you will not have to wait until Monday because we are open on Saturday and Sunday. Compassionate approach with the boys smile will have you wanting to come back every time physician. We will never leave you in the deep end and that is why we are the ones who will follow up with you after an interview. AMC Owasso Urgent Care is the best place for you to not put your trust with injuries. Call us today or come in the next time you find yourself in a pickle.