Owasso Urgent Care | Nose Bleed

This content was written for AMC Urgent Care.

Occasionally a nosebleed will hit and all the sudden it feels like it is never going to stop and it feels abnormal so you are headed to your Owasso urgent care first off we highly recommend that you are not driving because it can be very distracting and uncomfortable if your nose is bleeding very badly. If you cannot get somebody to take you then we do encourage you to call nine-one-one even if you do not feel like it is an emergency situation. The last thing we want you to do is sit it out and it could be true that you could lose too much blood and be in a emergency situation.

We would absolutely love it possible that you come to us so that we can treat you very quickly. Unfortunately there is not much to do for a nosebleed but we’ll be able to see if there is something bigger to the picture going on if you come and visit this Owasso Urgent Care. You will also be in a very comfortable environment where you will be able to receive comfort and treatment for medical professionals. We would absolutely love the opportunity to treat you and help relieve you from this uncomfortable pain that is a nosebleed.

If this is something that you are experiencing very frequently that can also be a sign of something is wrong. That is a very good reason that you should seek out a medical professional or go to Owasso urgent care if this is something that is happening extremely often. It could be that you might need to go to a specialist for your nose bleeds and we can get you to the right ear nose and throat doctor and that will be perfect for your situation. Often times it is nothing big and will be able to help you stop the bleeding and make you comfortable while the nosebleed runs its course.

We understand that nobody likes going to the doctor and even if they are experiencing symptoms of something they might want to try to avoid the doctor anyways. We try everyday to cultivate and environment that is inviting and actually enjoyable to be in so that if you are experiencing symptoms you are not dreading going to the doctor or trying to avoid it. Give us a look on Google and you will see that many people have left the school or views to explain that in the environment here is different than any other doctors office they’ve ever been in.

Sometimes things that seem minor can actually lead to bigger things or be caused by bigger things so if you are experiencing symptoms of something frequently we would love for you to seek out a medical professional. If you cannot get into your primary care physicians office or their hours are inconvenient for you we would love to be your urgent care that you can rely on. So stop by or give us a call today!