Owasso Urgent Care | Dad to the Rescue

Owasso urgent care | Dad to the Rescue

You want to be the hero, to your wife, to your kids? well with our Owasso urgent care, you can be able to give the answers that they are so needing. Your kids are you playing, having a blast, and then all the sudden somebody hits their head, what do you do? AMC urgent care, we are ready with all the answers you might need. Also, we have the flexibility in our schedule and a wide plethora of services to be able to investigate and figure out the best course of action. Please, do not panic. We are ready and willing to help you figure out a solution.

It’s super important to us at AMC Owasso urgent care, that you don’t feel left in the dark. We will help you investigate and know what’s going on with your kiddos. How do we do that, will we have over a hundred years of medical expertise under our belts. it is important to us that your kids and happy and healthy, so to do that we use our experience and abilities to find an answer. We have vision and hearing and EKG testing available for any situation. Also we not only have emergency medicine, but the capability of Occupational Medicine and Family Medicine. We try to be your One-Stop Shop.

Now obviously, things happen outside of work hours. So with AMC, we are open seven days a week, he’ll scream to come in on Saturday. Also though, if it’s after 5 do not hesitate to walk you are doors. We are not like an emergency room, we will not charge you an arm and a leg, or before you were helped. We value your time and do finances too highly to put you through more stress. So do not hesitate to come in and walk you are process.

What does it mean, for us to be different. Well obviously we value our pledge, to be courteous prompt and professional. The way we do that is to immediately help you as quickly as possible, walk out without an answer. Importantly, we provide Private pay discount and work with your insurance so that you can feel assured at getting the best situation. It’s important to us that you do you not have to walkaway without the highest customer service around. Please do not be afraid to ask any question, we are not only friendly but also a ready for whatever you might.

AMC Owasso Urgent Care, we are the place you can go to for any problem. as a dad, I know that you want an answer to the issue, you feel worse that your child is in pain than if you were. With that in mind, we prepare for you to come in and find answers as quickly as possible obviously we want to do this and are affordable way and in the most flexible way possible. With our highest service and Medicine provided, you can guarantee that you will leaves in a better situation. So call today and we will walk you through AMC can offer.

Owasso Urgent care | Illness & Accidents Beware

When illness strikes out of the blue, or an accident happens and you just don’t know what to do, who do you go to? Well, AMC Owasso Urgent Care is ready for whatever your situation might be. We always say, illness and accidents beware, because no matter the issue we will help you find an answer. With our flexibility in terms of scheduling and are numerous options available to you, there is plenty to draw you to AMC. Do not panic, we are here for you. We encourage you to call us today and we will find the best time to help!

With many Owasso urgent cares to choose from, why pick us? It’s important to consider the pledge that we make every one of our customers. We will be courteous, we choose to be prompt, and we are professional. Obviously, your quality of care matters, and the way that we choose to show that is through our hundred years of experience in emergency medicine the amount of benefits that we can give you. We want you to leave happier and healthier than when you came, and the way to do that is to show you through a friendly face and an expert giving you a solution.

What’s next, what all you need to do is walking. With our policy to be open seven days a week and after 5, anytime the worst happens you can come to us. accidents and illnesses don’t occur on the clock, we wish they were respectful of situation. But, we appreciate your time and your financial situation when taking care of your needs. If your primary doctor is on vacation or unavailable, we are here for you. We know you are already stressed out in too busy to stop, but please help us take care of your illness so that you can be well soon again.

How we choose to do that, is to offer you a wide array of services so that we can investigate was actually going on. We don’t want her to feel more confused when he walk out, so we’re trained in emergency medicine, family medicine and occupational medicine. We like to apply that, by looking deeper into your situation through testing and an on-site lab and x-ray. We offer visual EKG and hearing test in order to look further into why you’re in so much pain. Do not feel stuck, we want to get you on your feet again.

AMC Owasso Urgent Care, it is vital that you walk away feeling happy and healthy. Obviously, we are ready for whatever situation. We want you to feel like you can ask any question and you will have practical steps to apply. Please feel free to come in anytime, we accommodate to every schedule. Also every one of our services is available to you, so we will discover what’s going on. With all this in mind, we create an atmosphere that should put you at rest. So call Anson today and we will help solve your problem.