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This content was written for AMC Urgent Care

How many times can you remember going into a doctor’s office right on time for your appointment only to wait around for an hour to leave soon by the actual doctor? Has Owasso Urgent Care put a bad taste in your mouth? do you perhaps even avoid going to the doctor because it’s not even worth your time to wait around I would rather just stick it out at home? AMC Urgent Care is here to help solve that problem. Call today and ask our front desk about how we can help address anything that you may be concerned with with your Healthcare.

You can expect to receive a friendly person on the other line to who actually takes care and listens to your concerns with detail and attention. He or she will always be concerned about providing the best care for you because that’s the culture here at AMC. From our front end to the back office you will expect and receive nothing less than the best of top-notch care for you. We know that your needs are Urgent and that’s why we address them urgently and effectively. we care so deeply about your health that is actually the whole livelihood of what we do not because of a paycheck but because we are called to do it.

Our positions can be trusted with pretty much anything that that you can throw out them. Say perhaps you at break your foot and you need an x-ray. Our staff is able to perform this on-site digital x-ray Imaging for you quick and effectively with accurate solutions to a remedy for you. we won’t even send you somewhere else to have the cast put on because we do that in the office with our own stuff and house. Even if you need something like a pulmonary function test our staff is qualified to perform this for you. And for that broken foot we are able to send you home with a CD so that you can see for yourself what the bone actually looks like.

We Are unlike other offices because we actually have three locations in Ponca City Stillwater and Owasso Oklahoma. We believe this is important because even if you were traveling you were able to find a location near you that you can trust to be personalized care for you. Our prices are extremely hard to beat that we find our competitors just quit trying. we also know how frustrating it is that your doctor is closed after 5 p.m. and that’s why we are open as late as 8:30 p.m. 7 days a week. We are a full facility of professionals.

So don’t wait for over an hour to see someone for Owasso urgent care when you could come to AMC 7 days a week without an appointment. Our culture is to create a friendly environment consistent to your needs every time you visit in trust us with your help. We don’t drag our feet because we know how important it is to you that you can be back to your best self sooner than later. With three locations including Owasso Urgent Care you can bet that you can count on us. Come in today and let us take care of you.