Owasso Urgent Care | When you need it now!

Owasso urgent care | When you need it now!

There’s that moment, when you’re holding your child and there’s blood dripping off her face, or when one of them just can’t catch their breath and coughing. When that happens, you need to know which Owasso urgent care to take them to. At AMC urgent care, we value the experience of the customer, but also getting them answers quickly efficiently and they can trust. It’s important that when you need service, you’re able to get it here. With our policy in our pledge, AMC Urgent Care will be there no matter what’s going on. So please call us today, and we will set up an appointment or just walk in!

But why AMC Owasso Urgent Care? Customer service, is extremely important to us, and our pledge of being courteous professional and prompt we take very seriously. What that means is that you can walk in seven days a week and even after 5, because we know that accidents or sickness that are not convenient. More importantly, we went to take time to talk to you and not be condescending but to help you understand what’s going on and create a step-by-step plan of how to get you back on your feet and move forward.

With AMC Urgent Care, we offer numerous options. We have an on-site lab and x-rays to be able to investigate further what’s actually going on. It’s important to us, to not only give you Family Medicine ability, but also Occupational Medicine and More. Course during this time, we can give you a coded antibody test and a quick rapid test that you can get on with your life through this a challenging time. But also we are the one stop shop, With EKG testing and vision and hearing testing, we are much more than a small emergency.

In that moment when you need help, you don’t want to have to look up all of the Owasso urgent cares available. With AMC urgent care, we are different because you can come in anytime during the week and even as late as 8:30. It’s important to us and no matter what’s going on we can investigate and figure it out. We have a combined experience of well over a hundred years of medical treatment, and that means that we can give you the Peace of Mind by no one was actually going on. So if your doctor is closed or if you’re on vacation, this is the place to be.

At AMC Owasso Urgent Care, we know it’s never convenient to actually go to urgent care, but it’s important that we make it as easy as possible. With our time flexibility our experience and our value on quality care, we can create the atmosphere where you can actually get answers. We went to show you that we actually care by giving you the options you need but also the answers you need. It is important to us that you can continue with your life, so please call AMC urgent care today and we will get you in to find your solution.

Owasso Urgent care | The accidents waiting to happen!

Oh no, did something happen? Are you not sure what Owasso urgent care to go to in order to find your answers? We all know accidents happen, And usually not at the best time. It’s always when there’s 7 things going on and someone falls off a ladder or when your kids are playing in the backyard and someone falls and hits their head. At AMC urgent care, we want to be there with the options and experience that you need to help find the answers. It’s more important to us, that you’re able to walk in any moment and be seen. We want to provide the peace of mind that you need, so please call AMC urgent care today and we will be able to help!

Obviously, there are lots of Owasso urgent care options to choose from. The reason that we stand out, is the quality of our customer service. First, we pledged all of our customers that we will give you prompt courteous and Professional Care. with that practical looks like, is that we use our combined experience of over a hundred years to serve you and give you the answers that you need. So when your primary doctor is closed or perhaps you’re traveling on vacation, you know who to come to every time. It’s important, that we give you confidence.

All the services we offer help investing and figure out what you actually need to do to move forward. First, of course we Have Family Medicine available, but we also have numerous other options. We know you could go to an emergency room, and wait hours or be afraid of what tests they might run because of the expense. But we focus on giving private pay discounts and working with your insurance, since you don’t have to worry about finances when there’s something else major going on. It is important that you can trust us with all aspects of what you need.

With an on-site lab and x-rays, we will look deeply into what’s actually happening. Obviously, with what’s going on, we have a covid-19 body and Rapid test available. But we are the One Stop Shop for any knee that you might have. With are EKG testing and pulmonary function testing and of course Vision testing, we have the options available for you. From anyting complicated like an unknown illness to simple earache cure or a urinary tract infection, we have the answers that you need.

So what does this mean for you, well AMC Owasso Urgent Care is the place to go no matter what your emergency is. First, we are available no matter the time and no matter the day, we know that Emergencies and accidents do not happen when it is most convenient, so were there no matter what. Secondly, our level of experience and Care is what makes us stand out in our field. It’s important to create an atmosphere where you know you can rely on the information given and you’re not spoken down to. So please call and see urgent care today and we will help you get back on your feet again.