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This content was written for AMC Urgent Care

Is it a little bit frustrating that your physician is only available during the time that you are scheduled to be at work? As is frustrating because you literally cannot miss a day of work or you will hang the full extent of your bills for that month And do you need in Owasso urgent care to serve you? Are you needing someone to rely on consistently every day of the week? let’s go further because AMC Urgent Care is here to help. We care so deeply about you and your needs.

You will find our customer service is the best of the best especially in this area because we are extremely passionate about serving you and resolving any of your health care concerns.we do is centered around making sure that you leave the office happy and confident that you were on your way to help. Personalization is a huge part of what we do with each and every visit because we care about making sure you feel extremely valued. We’re here and to take care of you. Compassion is a huge part of our culture and you will find that to be true when you visit our facilities.

Like I mentioned before everything we do is designed to serve you. You can come in for a simple pulmonary function test if that is something that you are in need of especially in Alien quick type of fashion. Our Clinic is a walk-in clinic in so that means you can come 7 days a week without an appointment. If you happen to break you would like we are able to do the X-ray as well as casting your leg all at our facility for your convenience. We even help with splint care and you are welcome to come back to our facility for follow-up care as well.

Are prices are so hard to beat that our competitors stop trying. We make sure that you never have to file an insurance claim because I shouldn’t be your job but some positions don’t really see that picture but at our facility you can guarantee we will take care of that for you. We are professionals who are available to meet your needs. Every time you come and you will feel like someonein our family because of our warm and welcoming environment. Your care will always be unique to you and no one else because we personalize every visit.

At Owasso urgent care we are extremely excited to take care of you because our life revolves around Quality Healthcare and customer service. We are extremely courteous of all of your needs whether that be in your busy schedule or your restlessness and finding results. Considering we have on-site digital x-ray Imaging Reno that you will not have to be referred at a later date which would be super frustrating to have to wait even longer for results. Every time you come and you will feel like an individual not just another number. come in and see for yourself.