Any time you or anybody you know if like they may need to go to the Stillwater emergency room but is between the hours of 9 AM and 5:30 PM then you can always recommend them to AMC Urgent Care because unless it is immediately life-threatening or limb threatening, then AMC Urgent Care can provide you with quality medical care at a much more affordable price. If it is a severe situation but not an emergency feel free to walk in any time without. We take walk-ins we actually encourage you to walk in and you’ll notice it when you go to our website at there is no way to schedule an appointment because appointments are necessary. When you need help, you walk in and we will get you seen.

You’re wondering if this is a service that should be recommended to anybody that feels like they need to go the store emergency room, then we say absolutely yes unless it is life-threatening or limb threatening immediately, we can treat almost any manner of injuries and illness for you. When you come in we can see for things such as poison ivy, earaches, full of strep throat, the common, cold, and urinary tract infections. We can also help you with on-site labs, EKGs, digital x-rays, IV fluids a medication administration’s, and we can even perform sports physicals and that’s what you need. When it comes occupational medicine we also do treatment for work-related illnesses and injuries and we can also do implement physical exams and employee drug screens that provide a much better alternative to Stillwater emergency room in terms of cost.

It is our soul pledge here at AMC Urgent Care to provide you medical care and we see you we will give you prompt, courteous, professional care. That is the entire purpose and our reason for being and what we strive to do with each and every patient no matter what the situation is. Everyone deserves the same quality medical care at AMC Urgent Care. It’s also a great alternative the Stillwater emergency room without paying the emergency room prices.

Here at AMC Urgent Care we also make sure we pride ourselves in providing you with better hours of the facilities because we are open from 9 AM to 5:30 PM and on the weekends. We also make sure we stay open on holidays as well for your convenience and is always a convenient option if your doctor is not available to you. We are in network for most insurance carriers and we have an excellent staff who has well over 100 years combined medical training experience.

If you need to see his AMC Urgent Care feel free to walk in any time but you can always call us as well at 405-385-0029 we go to our website to find out more information at we can also apply for employment if you want to join our team and you can also pay your bill online from there as well.

Stillwater Emergency Room | AMC Is Hands-down The Best Urgent Care.

If you’re feeling well and you feel like you may need to take a trip to the Stillwater emergency room, then we recommend that you come in and see if the AMC Urgent Care first during our operating hours if it is during the day. In comparison the most urgent care facilities be conveniently stay open much later till 8:30 PM during the week and 5:30 PM on Sundays as we know that we need to work later than you do so we don’t close at five like the majority of the facilities across the country. We’re here to make sure that you are taking care of and that we provide you with service seven days a week and now is convenient just for us.

The reason we have become the best care facility in Stillwater and a great option just to water to have great hours during the day that we are open on the weekends you need care we can provide treatment for most anything that is non-life-threatening and non-limb threatening. That include on-site labs, EKGs, digital x-rays, IV fluids and medications, and you perform sports physicals in addition to the routine care for things like earaches, flu, strep throat even urinary tract infections and the common cold. We can also be occupational medicine such as treatment for work-related illnesses and injuries or employee drug screenings. We provide the most effective and efficient alternative to the emergency room when you don’t need life saving Stillwater emergency room services right away and you don’t want to pay for the room costs.

Here at AMC Urgent Care we are always a great alternative to the emergency room we are open because we can provide you with emergency room service, other than life-threatening circumstances, at a much cost efficient price. Also in network most insurance companies so there’s no worries there and you can always feel like you’re in good hands because our medical staff has well over 100 years combined medical training we even make sure that we stay open on holidays and all weekend to make sure the most convenient for you because is an increase never convenient to were always there to make sure that you get the service that you need and supplement the service provided by the Stillwater emergency room.

Our pledge here at AMC Urgent Care is to make sure that when we see you will give you prompt, courteous, and professional medical care. This is how we work each and every day with every patientwiwithout discrimination ever to make sure that they receive the care they deserve.

So if you feel like feeling well that don’t worry about class because we don’t worry about appointments we always take walk-ins and you come in and sees any time during our business hours and you can be seen. Get in contact with us if you feel like you need to beforehand at 405-385-0029, was walk-in but you can always check us out on our website as well to find out more information or even apply to become part of our team and also find that you can conveniently pay your bill online as well.