If you live in Stillwater and you have suffered some sort of injury or you are suffering from an illness and you wonder if you should go to an urgent care or view sugar the Stillwater emergency room which would be the best place to take care of what you are suffering from and then we can help you clear that up. First of all AMC Urgent Care can take care of or treat most non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries or almost anything that is not immediately limb threatening as well. So for all her other cases, then you can go to an urgent care facility and we urge you to come to AMC Urgent Care. We are available throughout the day because we work later than you do for your convenience by staying open from 9 AM to 8:30 PM. We also make sure that we stay open on weekends from 10 AM to 5:30 PM on Sundays as well.

So it comes with or not you should go to the Stillwater emergency room or you should come to AMC Urgent Care, if it is during our normal operating hours and is not immediately life-threatening, then we always suggest you come see us because the same level of medical care if not better for much more affordable prices. And that we are in network for most insurance carrier so you don’t have to worry about whether or not urgent cares covered by your insurance. We do work with most insurances and most insurance versus list us as an in network provider.

When it comes to what we can provide to you, we can provide you with the same medical care at the emergency room that is not a life-threatening situation such as earaches, the flu, strep throat, the common cold, and urinary tract infections and also laceration and wound care. We can also provide you with on-site labs, EKGs, did your x-rays, and even sports physicals. We can even help with occupational services such as treatment for work-related illness and injury and Workmen’s Comp., physical exam is employee drug screen even) saliva collection..

When it comes to whether or not you choose to store emergency room or AMC Urgent Care, then you should always come to us during our hours that we are open as a walk-in because appointments whenever needed and we can take care of almost anything this all life-threatening emergencies. We provide a much affordable price point than the Stillwater emergency room and we provide you with the same quality care and you can fill good that our medical staff has over 100 years of combined experience of medical training.

If you feel like AMC Urgent Care is the proper alternative for you and treatment the make sure the walking sees anytime if you feel like calling us get touch with us at 405-385-0029 or you can visit our website aims website for more information which you can pay your bill online and also join our team with an online application.

Stillwater Emergency Room | How Do I Contact AMC For An Appointment?

Stillwater emergency room, and you want to come to AMC Urgent Care but you want to get in contact with us to make sure that you have an appointment, then we pay that appointments on unnecessary AMC Urgent Care. While we can make an appointment for you we encourage everybody because you always be seen always be to simply medical care and priorities. We are available until 8:30 PM during the week and p.m. on Sundays as well. We’re always open seven days a week for your convenience because we know that accidents are ever scheduled and sicknesses don’t care if you’re at work or not.

If for some reason that you do need to get in contact with AMC Urgent Care because you need an alternative to the Stillwater emergency room, then you can always in contact with us at 405-385-0029. Additionally if you want to find out more pressure about us you can always visit us at amcurgentcare.com we can find more information about the services that we provide and what we can do for you in addition to our contact information, the benefits of coming to us, as well as paying your bill online and applying for a job with us if you’d like to join our team.

So you can always make sure you get touch with us through those two avenues if you need to get touch with us care as opposed to the Stillwater emergency room. We can provide you with the same quality medical care here they get in the emergency except for here we cannot treat life-threatening or limb threatening issues, and reason illnesses. For those of situations you would have to go to the hospital emergency room in Stillwater, but here we can treat just about everything else.

Also if you do need to contact us be sure to let you know that we are up late and on the weekends and holidays as well. We provide quality care and doctors not available and is not as big of an emergency as requiring the Stillwater emergency room services at their prices. We provide a much more convenient and affordable alternative for the same quality medical care and most situations. With occupational medical services as well such as employee drug screenings.

You feel like AMC Urgent Care come in and see us with a walk-in anytime, and again contact us by phone the and you can always find out more about us including contacting us or paying your bill online at amcurgentcare.com at any time and you can even apply to join our team if you’re interested in appointment with AMC Urgent Care