If you live in the area Oklahoma State University in in and around Stillwater, Oklahoma and you feel like you may need some sort of Stillwater emergency room service, but you don’t feel like you need the full on emergency room experience provide of the hospital or their bill. Lucky for you there is an alternative with the urgent cares that have spread all across America now. But we can find energy care of just about every corner now, it’s much harder to find a good urgent care facility. So if you need an emergency to the store emergency room, then give AMC Urgent Care call. Here AMC Urgent Care we know that we need to work later than you do you always have an opportunity to see us if you need to. We are open seven days a week and we stay open later than the majority of urgent care facilities from my man to 8:30 PM during the week and we are open also from 10 AM to 5:30 PM for you on Sundays.

Nobody wants to go to the Stillwater emergency room unless it’s a real emergency emergency room for stitches on a cut that can be done deceitfully in a doctors office only the doctor is an open. That’s where urgent care comes in where AMC can service you and the other cares in town.. AMC Urgent Care we make a pledge at the core of our service. That is that we see you we will give you prompt, courteous, and professional medical care for you. Our occupational medicine, drug/alcohol screening and preemployment physical exam services will be offered a competitive prices with easy access and availability. This is what are facility stand on silly place to provide you each and every time you come in to see us.

We provide many services here at AMC care and some of the services that we provide, not limited to at our facilities are on-site labs, EKGs, on site to their x-rays, laceration care. But I the medications and do sports physicals. We can even treat poison ivy, earaches, for strep throat, the common cold, and urinary tract infections as well. Then when it comes to the occupational medicine we can also provide you occasional work-related injury and illness treatment, preemployment physical exams and employee drug screenings.

Here at AMC Urgent Care with us as part of the fact that we offer a wide range of services that only exclude a few life-threatening and life-threatening injuries and illnesses. For everything else you can come and see us. We are in network for most insurances and there’s no appointment needed.

Feel like AMC Urgent Care’s can be the choice for you comes to your Stillwater emergency room needs to make sure you get in contact with us as possible for more information 405-385-0029 or you can always visit us on our website at amcurgentcare.com seek find out more information on your own and you can also apply them as well as pay bill online

Stillwater Emergency Room | Quality Care At AMC

You think there’s a chance you might need to take to the Stillwater emergency room, then you want to make sure that if it’s not something that is immediately life-threatening or limb threatening, that you can get take care of and care. Urgent care Stillwater, you can find that your best option and the best hours are AMC Urgent Care. Care we provide you with quality medical care with the best options for services and convenience. We make sure we would work later than 5 PM because we want to make sure that we work later than you do. And to that end we work from 9 AM to 8:30 PM and we also are open on Sundays as well from 10 AM to 5:30 PM for you. We always take walk-ins and there’s never an appointment necessary.

As opposed to the Stillwater emergency room, you can be sure that AMC Urgent Care is going to take care of you because our main concern is quality medical care. Our pledge to you that when we see you we will give you prompt, courteous and professional medical care. In addition we make sure our occupational medicine, drug/alcohol screening in pre-employment physical exam services will be offered at competitive prices with easy access and availability. This is what everything we do is based around, and today and is want to make sure we offer great hours and that week set walk-ins at any time and that our insurance is in network most insurance providers.

When it comes to the services that we provide we can provide almost any and all manner of care that isn’t immediately life-threatening or limb threatening. In those cases as we need to seek the Stillwater emergency room, but only the cases we can take care of most of your medical issues that include earaches, flu, strep throat, cough and cold, urinary tract infections and even lacerations in one care. We can also provide you services such as on-site labs, EKG, digital x-rays, administering of ID and medications and even provide sports. When it comes to occupational medicine services well provide work-related illness and injury treatment, three point physical exams employee drug screenings.

As you see from the pledge that we stated, we are here solely to provide you with medical care that you deserve without paying prices when it’s not needed or when your doctors unavailable for an extended period of time. Provide a safe convenient and affordable alternative.

You feel like you need to see care and there’s no need to give us a call which you can do at 405-385-0029, just walk-in and if you want more information before make sure that you look us up on the website at amcurgentcare.com we can find information about us including the ability to pay online if you need to if you’re interested in joining our team can also apply from our website as well.