Stillwater Emergency Room | Is an urgent care a emergency room?

An urgent care is a minor emergency room because they treat lacerations and broken bones. Stillwater emergency room does a little bit more than most urgent cares would because they treat almost double of the symptoms that regular urgent cares would. That’s what makes him an award-winning urgent care. Because they go above and beyond of what a normal urgent care would do just to get the patients needs taken care of.

We love helping out new clients and showing them what a vast variety urgent care is the doubles as Stillwater emergency room it may be a minor emergency room but also can handle what’s thrown at it as long as it’s non-life-threatening or limb threatening. We have the right tools to take care you and treat you for what is needed. We have the right medicine to make you feel better, and the right splints to heal those broken bones. As well as can stitch up those lacerations on any part of the body as long as they’re not too deep.

Stillwater emergency room has an amazing walk in clinic because you don’t have to set an appointment to come to our clinic or to be seen by a so that takes the hassle of trying to set up an appointment to be seen by a physician and less time consuming as well as we are open later than most primary physician so that you can stay at work and don’t have to miss that crucial time. That you will be paid, so don’t miss work just because you’re feeing a little ill if you can tough it out at work be sure to come in after hours and will take great care of you.

But if it is life-threatening will definitely refer you over to our brother emergency room that the lot bigger and it’s a hospital where the two surgeries or whatever they need for you to get you back in action. Because we want everybody to be healthy and happy we don’t want one to miss out on son or daughter’s birthday, or anything else that they could miss out on because they have a life-threatening disease or lend the threatening break so we do everything in our power to make sure our patients walk out with a smile on their face and they can go home happy to their families and see another day.

So if you have any questions about a break or a laceration that you have please give us a call at 405-385-0029 or walk-in today because we have a fully functioning fully staff walk-in clinic that you will be amazed with. Or if you have any other questions you don’t think be answered right now or you don’t have the time to talk on the phone be sure to check out her website at I’m sure we could better assist you.

Stillwater Emergency Room | why is Stillwater ER better than most?

Stillwater emergency room better than most because we on-site EKG lab, on-site medical labs for most things, and help assist you with most things the other doctors can’t or even emergency room’s can’t. We even have pulmonary functioning test to see if your lungs are up to standards and if they’re not will help you get them up to standards within an inhaler or any other thing that we may recommend for you to use and it’s always up to the the patient for what they want to use.

There is no other urgent care/emergency room that is better than us. We go of above and beyond to make sure the patient is well taken care of for anything that could be put towards their way and fracture care, splenic casting, crutches, and even follow-up care we make sure the client is taken care of to a T so that they know that we are on their side and they can trust us with anything because we have a vast variety of knowledge and everything that we put forward to the patient.

Stillwater emergency room also do basic visiting and hearing tests up to 4000 Hz so we can make sure that your eyes and ears are up-to-date so then if not we can refer you to an eye or ear specialist so than they can well diagnose you with what you have because vision is a very very important sense that we need to drive C and many other things if you lose your vision you’ll miss out on a lot and even your hearing. So we put it to the test and we make sure our doctors are well trained for situations like those.

But the quality of care to the test because all of our patients matter more than anything the matter more than us more than the medical director and more than the emergency room itself. If we don’t have patience take care of my would we even be in business that will with the patient’s care first and they can walk out with a smile on their face every time they come into our office and know that we are trusted and that’s why we are the award-winning urgent care and emergency room in Stillwater.

If you have any questions or one just talked to the award-winning doctors at Stillwater emergency room please give us a call at 405-385-0029 or take a look at our website and just know why we are the award-winning physicians and urgent care in Stillwater and the surrounding areas because we take pride in everything that we do to take a look at our website at