Stillwater Urgent Care | Are You Looking For Convenience?

If you are looking for convenience look no further than the Stillwater urgent care for cost-effectiveness convenience as well as quality of care. Our office staff is always friendly efficient and effective a knowledgeable professional and getting you ready to be able to get on your way and taking care of all your medical needs. If you have a non-life-threatening emergency or even a non-life-threatening when situation come in for some convenience by just walking into her clinic.

The Stillwater urgent care that everybody is talking about is the thinking of the AMC. We are going to their offering their urgent care services with an economical visit rather than having to go to the emergency room and wasting money and time. It’s also just more money and more time save the rather than having to walk into the hospital emergency room. Also the convenience of buses that were actually open seven days a week and you do not need an appointment you just walk on it and we are also located at the close proximity to the hospital open MRI and also physical therapy if needed.

We want to make Stillwater Urgent Care sure and guarantee that the cost of healthcare services not to be is can be comparable to the customer area clinics for also large care services we would make sugar and economically feasible for you said that you do not feel like a to be charged nominally. But of course we do work with in network service providers for insurance as well as can be that sort of one-time replacement for your go to doctor. Call us at 405-385-0029 a good if you have a questions about our hours or maybe anymore about questions and what kind of services we do not offer for people.

We want to ensure to you and your family that you have a place to go in case of a small emergency. And were located in Stillwater so this is deathly great for Oklahoma State University students may be on the weekend or an evening or some sort of holiday where not being able to go home and you need to be able to have some stitches put in or maybe you’re looking for some sort of brace for English and thing like that we had x-rays, as well as the ad lab abilities, be able to draw blood urine samples and so much more. If you might be dealing with urinary tract infection and then you can deftly go to the urgent care rather than having to deal with trying to set up an appointment for your regular doctor or having to go to the emergency room. Because usually emergency rooms have a long wait and these 80 people by priority. So with us as a minor injury place to go you deftly will not have to be waiting a long line or having to deal with us stubborn officials just trying to get your insurance and all that good stuff.

We want to ensure that you’re getting the best treatment possible as well as always having convenience so they can go about your day or better evening. No matter to an evening weekend or holiday we have you covered. We know things that happen and we know that you cannot always plan things. So we will make sure that you are well prepared and making sure that you’re taking care of your body. Call us at 405-385-0029 a good for the Stillwater urgent care.

Are You Searching For A Top Notch Stillwater Urgent Care?

Our quality of care with our Stillwater Urgent Care medical staff doctors technicians nurses and more had the experience in the training in emergency medicine family medicine as well as occupational medicine to help you with your highest quality level of care that you will not really find anywhere else or in the emergency room.

It actually look and understand more about the payment and insurance options that we have here at Stillwater urgent care he should know that we offer you the best care plus and that we are here to help. So we want to be of the right you need to be able to provide a photo ID as was an insurance card at each visit. So we have health insurance carriers as well as deductibles copayments at you at the time of the services are rendered and we accept and file Medicare may also accept Visa MasterCard American Express and Discover card. So we have years of experience and training in our pledge to you that we have the view in a prompt way also provide you courteous and positive attitudes with professional medical care.

We also have occupational medicine drug and alcohol screening and also we can provide you preemployment physical exams that are offered for a competitive price with easy access and availability if you’re looking to be a business where you can send your employees for drug testing and so on and so often. Gives call reach out to Spain see all the things that we have going on here in a company limited to the remote to guarantee the best possible outcome to make sure you gain the best possible services. So call us or go online today. We are a deep premier Stillwater urgent care.

We want available make sure that from the moment you walk into the clinic you are taking care rather than having to have long wait times or anything like that. If you’re simply looking for a simple flu shot or you looking for the stupid coronavirus testing or something like that we can help you out. Also if you are a student in your and maybe not a maybe having to do with your parents insurance is always best able to have that information ready and out from Omega and the door.

So our clinic is available for Stillwater urgent care our quality of care is always friendly(s) efficient and effective and always ready to help you especially those in need. If you’re looking be able to get some staples or stitches maybe with a maybe you had an accident with a knife in the kitchen or maybe you slipped on some ice during this winter season and you want to be able to check to see if you have sprain maybe you fractured your foot or ankle come into our care because of the walk-in clinic. So were always available evenings weekends and holidays. So call us today for more about our urgent care services as well as call us at 405-385-0029 a good You can also pay online today.