Stillwater urgent care | Not Your Average Urgent Care

This content was written for AMC Urgent Care.

He frowned upon by many in the public to visit a Stillwater urgent care. Obviously we highly encourage each and every patient to have a primary care physician and specialists if they are needed that we do not want you to be ashamed for seeking us out. We are seeing that many of your lifestyles are not conducive to the constricted hours that primary care physician or a specialist has. That is where we can that we can serve you those odd hours of the day that you might find yourself free with the time to seek answers to your health.

We want you to come to us the confidence which is why we put a heavy emphasis on our customer service so that our staff is six extensively trained to treat every single patient that comes through our doors. Even though we are a Stillwater urgent care our facility will ensure competence as it is a state-of-the-art highly maintained and completely sterile environment. You will no longer have to worry about sitting in a waiting room forever or catching something just by sitting in our chairs.

Even though we are in urgent care you feel limited in the amount of services we have to offer. You will find nearly all of the same services that your primary care physician has or specialist has this Stillwater urgent care also does. Although you are visiting an urgent care we want you to know that you will be treated for every illness you come in with or have the clear action items that you need to complete in order to be well. With the attitude that we can always do better and that we should constantly be actively learning our services will always be improved on and growing.

There are many urgent cares choose from and we want you to feel confident in choosing which is why we have asked many of our patients to leave unbiased Google reviews. They do not hesitate because they know that their family and that we have done everything we can do given the best experience possible. So give us a quick search so that you may read at testimonials and give our website a quick browse. Many of our physicians and nurses have bias on our website that you may read.

See urgent care is different from all the rest. Why? Because our highest priority is the patient and you will not fail ignored or anxious and overcrowded waiting room. We are constantly overstaffed and ready to serve so that you may have a personalized and speedy experience. Do not be nervous because you are talking to visit urgent care instead of a primary doctor. You will get the same quality of care from us as you do them and maybe a better experience. Don’t take our word for it but give our Google reviews a look or call us today!