If you living Oklahoma area and you’re looking for the best Stillwater Urgent Care not can tell you that AMC Urgent Care Plus is definitely here for you as one of the best walking clinic there is. Our Dr. Samuel Hague, M.D. and Parnell Adams are dedicating to paint the cover for our people within our community because he is highly trained and highly experienced in passion about war he is doing. We would love to be that one clinic that everybody’s talking about whenever they are extreme in any discomfort they will love to come to us. We treat every single one of her patient has our own family because we know how frustrating it is when you are eating physical pain that you can’t live your life fully. So we want to help you in achieving great results in your physical health, so you get to do the things that you want to do in life.

If you’re still looking for Stillwater urgent care, I can tell you that we can offer you many many services that are the walking clinic can’t offer. First of all, we are a walking clinic always open at all times. We are open 24/7 any day of the week in including weekends and holidays. That means that you will not have to worry about if it’s a Sunday if it’s 3 o’clock in the morning when you are experiencing discomfort, you should not hesitate to come to us because we will be there for you. We are also a walk in clinic do not require any appointments. That means that you can just walk in at your convenience without having to print off waiting your busy schedule into the doctor schedule.

There are many services that we can provide you with that makes us the best Stillwater urgent care. For starters, we offer you occupational medicines, including TB skin test, including a full digital x-ray, and if you’re wanting any employee drug screening now for the new job that you are going to be going to on Monday, you can come to us on Sunday and get that drug screening done without a problem. We also collect here in saliva for DNA reasons. We also do preemployment physical exams and many others.

So you feel worrying about if the doctors and the nurses will be able to take care of you because you’re wanting a serious x-ray down that you don’t have to worry about anime because we can provide you with the best services because we do have the best equipment and the expertise from our doctors. Perhaps you are wanting any breath alcohol testing down, we can offer you the testing and get your results back within a very short amount of time before you walk out of our clinic.

Our mission here is to make sure that every single patient that walking of our clinic, we provide them with the whole experience that we will want our family to have as well. We want every single of our patient walking out of our clinic with a smile feeling much better compared to what they wanted. So please don’t hesitate to contact us at ponca city 580-762-1552, stillwater 405-385-0029, Owasso 918-272-2882 whenever you are in need of help!

Stillwater Urgent Care | We Are Unique

If you are on your way to search for the best Stillwater urgent care, you must be looking for some clinic who will take care of the patient is like they are taking care of their family. I am sure you are looking for a clinic will use truly reliable and dependable. I’m also sure you are looking for Dr. Holt is, actually listening to you and bring your needs and your concerns at the absolute priority of their job. Here at AMC Urgent Care Plus, our Dr. Samuel Hague, M.D. and Parnell Adams always provide services with heart. Every single nurse and Dr. Singh are connected are doing is because they are truly passionate about helping patients and helping people within our community people. We are not only here just because we are paying our bills, we are here because we truly want to contribute into your health and help the people to feel better.

We are the most unique clinic in Stillwater Urgent Care field. Because we can treat any non-life-threatening illnesses. With that being said if you are experience any fever, any pressures, any ear infections, and a coffee or cold or earring track infections, or anything at all that’s not life-threatening. I assure you that our Dr. has the expertise and experience into treating your symptoms and making you feel better. Our mission and our core value of our company is definitely to drain comfort for our people because we want to be the clinic for everybody’s talking about. We to be that clinic that is the first one to pop into your mind whenever you are needing help.

There are many services that we offer here at AMC Urgent Care Plus that makes us the top Stillwater urgent care. For example we can offer you a full digital x-ray or a EKG – Electrocardiogram, or UA dip in office for DOT exams, Urine drug screens are collected on site, including: Pre-employment, Injury related, Random, and/or DOT, Tetanus Vaccine, and many others. We want to provide you with everything that you need without having to pay a ridiculous man of money. We are in that group with most insurances so you know I have to worry about having a big bill sending to your house.

Actually here in the best interests of our patients, because we always are watching out for our patients. We are interested into having that continuous relationship with our patients so we’re always falling up and checking up on our patients and see how they’re doing. We want them to be honest and be comfortable to toning their doctor whatever it is that’s making and causing the problem.

So remember, anytime of the day you are experience discomfort, you do not have to suffer through alone, we are here for you so purpose of making you feel better. Contact us at ponca city 580-762-1552, stillwater 405-385-0029, Owasso 918-272-2882 to let us know how we can better serve you, you can also go to our website at https://amcurgentcare.com/ to learn more about what we do and marketing services we can provide you with.