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Stillwater Urgent Care | Sensitive to our patients

This content was written for AMC Urgent Care

What is the Stillwater urgent care really all about? Well that’s depends what you’re looking for when you visit us, are you looking for someone new shows true care and concern about you, or just an area where you can go in and out and get the care that you need. What we’re looking to do is be efficient with you but also demonstrate to you that we actually look to build a relationship with you and demonstrating genuine care. This is what we’re the best at, and that’s why people love us.

What’s really great about the Stillwater Urgent Care is that we’re actually open 7 days a week. So that means when your doctor office is closed, we’re here to take care of you even then! Is that means we’re always here for you and we always allow you to get what you need when you need it most. We understand that your life doesn’t stop after 5 p.m. that’s why were open as late as 8:30! This is a great way to really understand one of the things that we say a lot, we actually care.

We believe in being professional but also allowing you to feel like your new member of our family. We do this in many ways but most of all you can definitely tell that as soon as you walk in through our doors that there’s a sense of Peace here. It’s about providing you an atmosphere in which you feel comfortable and that you know you’re not being taken advantage of. On the contrary, we provide you the energy that you need to feel taken care of by us and also persistently finding a better way to treat you.

This is what we do over here at the AMC urgent care, so you can always rely on us with everything that we do for you. It’s about supporting you and really allowing you to be taken care of the right way. When you can, remember to give us a call and really loud us to take care of you the way you ought to be. It’s inspiring the contribution to the community and continue to change lives and every way that we can in a very positive way. We’re definitely glad to do this because it’s what allows us to do this everyday.

It’s about discovering that our patients are looking to be taken care of and that were the ones there to do it. It’s a privilege to do this everyday and really allow you to receive the care that you’ve been looking for this whole time. AMC Urgent Care is always looking to find a better way to improve everything that we do. That’s why we’re glad to tell you Edward eager to meet you soon and tell you more about the ways that we choose to go above and beyond and really allow you to get what you need from us. It’s our goal to take care of you and continue to contribute to our family and community.