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This content was written for AMC Urgent Care

Have you ever been frustrated that your Physician’s Clinic takes forever to call you with results because you need to know the answers quickly? Do they just drag their feet without concern of your needs at Stillwater Urgent Care? AMC Urgent Care is the friendliest most considerate Physician’s office you could possibly imagine. We are happy to serve you Because we are passionate about what we do and we care deeply about the concerns and needs of you and your family so you can bring anyone from a young age an adult.

not only are we qualified to take care of your health needs but we provide the fastest and most reliable care that you could hope for in a facility. We have your convenience in mind so we are open seven days a week which is a major benefit to working with our positions. We’re here to take care of you and develop fast solutions for every concern that you may have. Check out our reviews and you will see that many are and passionate agreement with us. Are mindful staff will blow you away with how well we take care of you.

We offer so many services but one of the most important things that we offer would be our fast Solutions with on-site digital x-ray Imaging so that you don’t have to go to another facility to find out if your leg is broken and needed a cast. Are on-site medical lab testing is also super convenient so that you don’t wait around as you would with other facilities for your flu test to come back negative or positive. We believe this is extremely important because it affects how fast you can go on to recover. We are a walk-in clinic so you don’t have to have an appointment because we know that when you get sick it’s urgent. We will treat you very fast and effectively.

What makes us different from other facilities is that we offer three different locations in Ponca City Stillwater and Owasso Oklahoma. Are hiring systems are top-notch because we are super picky about who we hire whether it be the front desk or the actual physician treating you. We provide the most individualized attention for each visit because we see you as we would someone in our family. We have years of combined experience so we set the tone for expectations in the medical field.

Don’t wait around for another Stillwater urgent care to give you the runaround with trying to receive your test whether it be for the flu or for something a little more serious. We are so passionate about what we do so you can guarantee that we will always be there for you and to take care of you. We have on-site medical lab testing so that you don’t have to go somewhere else or wait around on a phone call for days on end. Are three locations make it super convenient for our patients. Come in and see us next time you have a medical need and we will show you just how valuable we can be in your life.