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Stillwater urgent care | College Life

This content was written for AMC Urgent Care.

This Stillwater urgent care is very proud to say that are steady is a beautiful thriving college town. Life college student is extremely active especially one of a college athlete. We are absolutely honored when you all seek us out for treatment. We know that the stress of studying having a job or the commitment of the field can have your body in a dire condition. This active lifestyle can also leave you very vulnerable to having a weak immune system. That is why the next time you’re not feeling well you should seek us out.

Take time out of your busy day for yourself and picture help is a priority. This Stillwater urgent care provides a very quick and relaxing experience for every single patient that walks through our doors. You’ll be back in the books and attending class and now time as we will get you feeling your best. We understand that a lot of you college students do not have a primary care physician and are happy to fill the gap for you. You’ll be blown away by our customer service as we pay each patient as our highest priority.

We have an unbelievable amount of services that are tailored to best get the results for each and every patient. We love being a Stillwater urgent care and although in small Oklahoma are constantly striving to improve. The constant learning mindset as this study has us excited as we are eager to learn ourselves better constantly improving our practice and adding new services so that our patients may get the treatments that they deserve. We are also a very good first step to find the primary care physician or specialist if you are in need of one.

There are many urgent cares around believe value your time and we will not waste your money. We know that you are strapped for both of those things and that there many other things that you should be doing rather than sitting in a waiting room. Which is why we make this experience as quick and as easy as possible so that you may get on with your life. Don’t take our word for it many of the students on campus or alumni have come to us and left a Google review because of how thrilled they are with their experience.

We understand that being a college student is very tough and many have you might feel alone as you are away from your family. We will treat you as if your family here and give you the comfort of knowing that you are getting the highest quality of treatment possible. With our growing list of services you will have confidence that we will be able to give you the answers that you deserve. With the crazy hours that we know each and every college student we have tailored our hours to best serve you. So give us a visit today and feel right at home.