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This content was written for AMC Urgent Care

so we definitely want to help you get to a better place in your life where you’re feeling better it’s our goal to create a healthy atmosphere as well. If you’re looking for Stillwater Urgent Care you definitely want to stop by AMC urgent care we are the go-to health facility for Stillwater. We’re always innovating and upgrading our systems and products in our services so that we can better serve you with a customer. We definitely look forward to seeing you where we can actually help you heal.

if it’s one thing we understand is that it can be annoying to have to always set appointments so we have a walk-in clinic where you can just walk in and get your appointment scheduled right then and there. We understand the inconvenience life can be sometimes we make that part of our facility where you can just walk in to set the appointment. We are always open as late as 8:30 you’re also 7 days a week so you can come in at any point during the week and we would love to get you feeling healthier what whatever your issue is Maybe.

Are we absolutely pride ourselves on customer service as matter fact that’s what makes us different. And how much we care about our customers and keeping the high quality standard of customer service. We believe the transaction some more than just transaction more Then a transaction but instead it’s a relationship between us and our customers. We believe that you know true customer service is built around their relationship with you in the customer so you can build that trust for years to come and for generations to come.

We absolutely want what’s best for you we are passionate about what we do and that’s what drives us to go as far as we’ve gone. We would never take advantage of you we always Enlighten you with whatever it is that you need to know about your health injury. We always developing everyday so we do like getting customer feedback, so if you want to go to a website you can check out our services see what other offers are options we have to offer you and we would love to get started with your appointment to get you feeling healthier today.

now as far as your Stillwater urgent care we always have an on-site lab and x-rays so you can always get your test results as fast as possible. We also do drug and alcohol screening and we get you in and out as quick as possible as well. We have a highly experienced staff with many years of experience and all of them are trained in emergency medicine so you can always feel comfortable knowing that you’re getting the most professional help available. We hire people that are expertise so they can cater to your problems you create a quality care for everyday customers. This is what we do and this is how we roll This is what we want people to know.

Stillwater Urgent Care | We make it all so easy

This content was written for AMC Urgent Care

At AMC urgent care we absolutely understand how hard it is to have a doctor ready to serve you with all of your needs. When it comes to steal water urgent care we’re going to be your go-to doctors for any issue aside from surgical shoes. Our Stillwater Urgent care simply do what other doctors don’t do and I’m we keep our options open with our clients so that they can have the flexibility when it comes to any type of financial decisions.

I’m walking are welcome, we are a walk-in clinic so we I always available for customers. We’re also open as late as 8:30 p.m. so if you get off work I just want to stop by location would love to serve you with all of your health questions and needs. We’re also 7 days a week so you can stop by any day of the week and we’ll always be able to help you. So we’re here for you even whenever your doctor’s office is closed we will always be here to help you with any help me.

We also have an on-site lab so you all have your test results come back as fast as possible including sometimes even the same day. When it comes to Stillwater urgent care all of our x-rays are on site so we can do whatever testing we need to do for that as well. We’re also able to do any kind of alcohol or drug screening so if you need to come do a test will get you in and out as fast as possible. Are service but we do for our customers and simply what makes us different and why we send out of the doctor’s office.

We only hire people with the expertise that will cater to your problems. You always try to create the quality care for every customer that they need for their issues. All about highly experienced staff will be able to assist you with any of your needs or concerns you may have. All of them have many years of experience and training an emergency medicine so you can feel safe to know that you have a professional waiting on you at all times. We simply over-deliver for our customers and hope that this would show people that we actually care but we did.

What makes us different is are high quality standards of customer service for we do for our customers is simply Above & Beyond. The difference is that we actually care and we believe in relationships with the customers to build long-lasting trust for to earn your business business for years to come. We’re simply passionate about what we do and it’s with roses company from the ground up. We only want the best for you that’s why we cater to all of your knee when it comes to any health concerns. We’re always developing every day and we are always looking forward for any way to stop by so that we can help them feel better and answer any questions that they might have.