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Services for our customers it’s something we are always trying to innovate create a better experience in. When it comes to Stillwater urgent care we vow to always have what you need to reach all of your health goals. Matter with the case maybe we will be able to serve you simply because we have the tools that it takes to get the job done. if we were if it’s one thing we understand is that no one likes to wait in line so we’re always trying to create a better waiting experience for our customers as well they don’t have to experience the waiting in line at Spectrum going to the doctor.

Customer service is something we pride ourselves on we’re always trying to grow and expand our ways that we can serve it’s one thing we understand is that the customer comes first and that is how we build our company. We pride ourselves on our customer service and we believe that transactions are more than just errands actions but there are actually relationship between us and our clients we try to build the trust of our clients so that we can own their business for years to come and for generations to come as they are Stillwater Urgent Care.

We Are walk-in clinic, we understand how I annoying it can be to have to wait for an appointment so we give you the convenience to just be able to walk in and get us as a service. We are also open until 8:30 p.m. and we’re open seven days a week as well so. we are always trying to innovate our system to cater toward the customers liking true that specific reason.

We have many different services that we would like for you to check out on our website. You’ll notice that we are a very highly rated company and very credible company. when it comes to serving you we make it Priority that we adapt to all situations concerning our customers.. radiant quality experience for everyone who walks into our doors. So whenever your doctor’s office is closed give us a call we would love to fill in the Gap there and be your go-to doctor’s office.

all of our lab intestines are on site can you get older adults as fast as possible you will not have to wait multiple days or even weeks just to get a simple test results. We also do conduct drug and alcohol screening including hair follicle test so that you can go ahead and get to work doing whatever you need to do passing your test, or theme is to get you in and out as fast as possible. All of our staff is highly experienced with many years of experience. They are all trained in emergency medicine and family medicine as well. We try to make quality care for all of our customers that enter into our doors they leave a good taste in their mouth wanting them to come back.8