Stillwater Urgent Care | Who can take the best care of my child?

At Stillwater urgent care will take the best care of anyone’s child or even elderly parents because we do not discriminate how old or how young a patient is will take the best care no matter the situation that’s where we have been awarded the best urgent cares and Stillwater and we will keep to that name so than patients know that they can bring whoever and at any time and we’ll take just as good as care as we will the patient before or after them.

We have our amazing walk-in clinic here at Stillwater urgent care with open seven days a week for fast and friendly service to come in now and all staff will be as welcoming as when you walk out we want to make sure that you have the best time here and we give you the exceptional service that you need so that you can get taken care of and whatever diagnosis you need see you back here family or work and don’t miss a beat. We know how scary it can be when you’re little boy or girl is sick so we will do everything we can to get them well taken care of and back up to as cheery as they were before they got sick will do anything in our power to make sure that they are clearly diagnosed.

Stillwater urgent care is a top-notch organizations like Santa’s caused too and, the Ponca City News we have an exceptional of words because we make sure that every patient is taken care of the news knows about what we do for every little boy or little girl, but it doesn’t stop there we take care of everyone no matter the age or the gender we want to make sure that everyone knows that they are wanted here make everyone feel as special as they were when they walk into their primary doctor so that they will come back to us to refer friends and family knowing that we will have our arms wide open and help them in anything that they need.

If you are afraid coming into the doctor’s office and anybody’s in a steal your bank information you can pay online and is very secure line we have a highly secure payment method online that you do not have to worry about anybody getting your card information or knowing your Social Security number anything we make an exceptionally easy for you to pay online or even pay later. We will not call you asking for any payment. Because we know how big fraud is in the country, and making you trust us by calling in paying can make it easier for you to let down your guard and having somebody else scam you or rip you off.

Are you looking for exceptional doctors that are willing to help you at any time of the night to give us a call at 405-385-0029 so that we can help you and assist you with anything that you need for even go online to pay your bill at our website at or just to check us out and see what we do for our patients. And you can even look at our Google reviews online to show you how well we take care of our patients.

Stillwater Urgent Care | what doctor is open all night?

Here at Stillwater urgent care we are open all night to assist you with anything that you need big or small, even when your primary doctor is closed and you don’t have anywhere to go you can look forward to us and we will have our arms wide open no matter the time or the place will help with anybody in need and make sure that you are well taken care of and assisted in make sure we diagnose you and give you the right medicine.

We do everything we can add Stillwater urgent care to make you feel like family so that you come back and know we have our arms wide open and we will take exceptional care of you and your family to diagnose with any problem and give you the right tools that you need to get feeling better so that if you ever come across this illness or problem again you know how to best take care of it and handle it the best way possible. Union family are very important to us in our family so we will treat you like family and make you feel as if you’ve never felt this good in a doctor before.

We hold the full history of your physical exam here at Stillwater urgent care so you don’t have to think if we have the right documents for you and wonder if you are to lose your documents with us we keep them six-year and very accessible so if you have any questions about any documents we can get them for you know that you can take them wherever you need. We make everything very accessible for you so that when you need something we can get it for you and you’ll have the right documents. We do pulmonary function test so the you can make sure everything is working perfectly fine and you don’t have to worry if your lungs are functioning right we do a perfect test to make sure that you can breathe and you will breathe another day.

We’ve and EKG test to make sure your heart is pumping right as anyone with high blood pressure low blood pressure needs and EKG test to make sure that there not to have a heart attack any day so we make sure to hook you up with the top doctor in our EKG program make sure that you’re not gonna have a heart attack any day of the month and if you are having symptoms of a heart attack or high blood pressure will refer you over to the local ER that is just right around the corner and they can take exquisite precautions to make sure that you don’t have a heart attack or her blood pressure starts rising even more.

If you have any questions or just need any answers be sure to take a look at our website our full website has everything we have the offer from treatments to questions that have been answered by recent patients take a look at her website at or give us a call at 405-385-0029 and we will have one of our highly trained and highly skilled doctors answer any questions that you need so you don’t go without an answer.