If you live in God’s country out store Oklahoma because you’re a fan of the mighty OSU Cowboys, are looking for the best Stillwater Urgent Care in town, then you probably want to over to AMC Urgent Care. See urgent care stays open later than you do because we know that not everybody gets off work before 5 PM. We intentionally offer you hours to last until 8:30 PM weekdays and still 5:30 PM on Sundays. We want to make sure if you need help, and you can come to you work, then we are available for you to receive medical attention.

When it comes to the no-brainers that make it stand out above the rest other than the hours that we are open, you also want to come into our Stillwater Urgent Care simply because not only are we going to be open more likely than other locations but we also don’t require an appointment and we are open on weekends and holidays as well. Offer convenient care if your doctors not available to you because he’s out of town or you are out of town and it is a great alternative to waiting for weeks or months until they are available or as an alternative to the emergency room. We offer you private pay discounts and we are in network for most insurance companies. See not to worry about the insurance aspect most of the time, and you can also feel good about being in our care because we have over 100 years well over 100 years of confinement between our staff combined.

You can also feel safe that we can build take care of you right here because at this Stillwater Urgent Care facility we provide treatment for almost every non-life-threatening are not 30 injuries and illnesses. We can take care of you for anything ranging from requiring on-site labs to EKGs and even x-rays. We can help you treat lacerations and wounds, poison ivy, earrings, the fluid structural, the common cold, urinary tract infections and so on. We can also do sports physicals for you and we can also help provide you with occupational services such as treatment for work-related injuries for employment drug screenings. We can also do preemployment physical exams and here in saliva collection.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call right here AMC Urgent Care because you can be confident that we are likely open during the day when he has is on does not pass 830 during the week at 530 on Sundays and can likely take care of the insurance that you have any don’t require an appointment. When it comes to us we pledge that will we see you we will give you prompt, courteous, and professional medical care. That’s what we go by don’t discriminate situation and you can be sure that we always a good hands AM.

if you need urgent care, or if you have any questions make she give us a call at 405-385-0029 we visit us on our website at amcurgentcare.com can find more information including applying to join our team, and you can pay your bill online.

Stillwater Urgent Care | What You Need To Do To Be Seen At AMC?

If you live in God’s country also known as Stillwater, Oklahoma because your fan of the Cowboys, and you have become need of medical that is serious enough for the emergency room yet you can always is here to see care, the premier Stillwater Urgent Care. If you need to see us is no need to call ahead there’s no need to make appointment to simply walk in the let us know we need to be seen for an will make sure that you do get seen. Here at AMC Urgent Care we pledge that when we see will give you prompt, courteous, and professional medical care. We also make sure that all patient medicine drug screening employment physical exams offered at competitive rates easy access and availability.

The anything at our repairs including services or any other medical care that ranges from on-site labs to EKGs to digital x-ray stream and sports physical. Also help you with the common elements such as poison ivy, earrings for strep throat, the common cold, area. In all these medical care situations can provide to you including the employment services and mentioned that include but for the injuries, to implement the plans, here in saliva collection employee drug screens. That can be done right here in a walk-in basis to provide courteous professional and medical care. Just remember that help when needed and we are in network for most insurance providers at our Stillwater Urgent Care.

Here are the because we are open facility. We know that not everybody gets off writing five talks we can also help you by being open 9 AM to 8:30 PM during the week we also stay open from 10 AM to 5:30 PM on Sundays. That includes weekends and holidays provide a if you cannot see your doctor for weeks or months because they are not available there that, you don’t consider you make a great in between option for routine medical services at our Stillwater Urgent Care.

We can provide you with treatment for almost anything that is not immediately life-threatening are limb threatening as far as injuries and illnesses go. We can also provide you with private pay discounts. You can also feel good about the fact that have well over 100 combined medical training amongst our staff. James here.

When it comes to receiving care facilities such as AMC Urgent Care, better Stillwater area and don’t forget that we also two more locations in Owasso, Oklahoma and puppy city,. You can walk in any of these studies seek treatment ever needed, so if you questions you can always give us a call at 405-385-0029 can always find more information at amcurgentcare.com as well and you can find that provides you all the information including the ability to pay online and even apply for interested in driving our team.