Stillwater Urgent Care | wondering a little bit more about Urgent Care?

You wondering what exceptional care Stillwater urgent care has? We have so much exceptional care that they would take hours for me to tell you but I’ll tell you little bit with a walk-in clinic open seven days a week 24 hours a day so you don’t have to worry if a doctor is closed or not you can walk right through our doors and be greeted by our friendly staff and not have to worry if your to be judged for walking in at 3 AM were judgment free zone and will help you with anything you need.

With a full digital x-ray systems so that if you break any bone you can walk into Stillwater urgent care and get amazing care that you would get nowhere else because our staff is friendly and knowledgeable about anything that you need so that you don’t have to worry about paying thousands of dollars for an x-ray will help you with your billing you can even pay later or on the phone if you would like so you don’t have to sit there transferring money over to your bank counter HSA cards so that you have enough money to pay for what you needed.

We actually follow up with community of care so that we know that you are doing the best of your ability because we want to be on top of the ball on everything so our exceptional staff will call you and see if you need anything from us and if you don’t will leave you alone we want to hassle you with any calls or anything so that we make sure you are well taken care of when you’re primary care doctor is not open is why we have been awarded one of the best Stillwater urgent care. So that you get the help 24/7, 7 days a week unlike your primary care doctor where you will call in the dead of the night and you’ll get just a busy line town or no answer at all you can call us and ask us if were open even when we are will greet you with arms wide open.

You can definitely take a look at our Google reviews we had exceptional testimonials from each and every client. Because they know that we are top-of-the-line urgent care and will take care of anybody anytime anywhere. So we have hundreds of Google reviews telling you that will put you first and not us as not about the money for us it’s about the patients about taking care and getting them what they need. If you need anything from an x-ray to a full functioning test be sure to walk in our doors and will greet you like any other patient.

If you are worried we don’t do something here that you need at AMC urgent care be sure to look at our website to take a look at everything that we will do for you at or even give us a call at 405-385-0029 and we will answer any questions you have from where can I get a physical to do full digital x-rays? And we will answer any type of question no matter how big or how small.

Stillwater Urgent Care | where can I get the best healthcare in Stillwater?

Stillwater urgent care is where you can get the best healthcare in Stillwater because we make sure to put our patients first and nobody else. The judgment presents so come in with anything you need and will be sure to try our best at our ability to help you and diagnose you with what you have or refer you over to the local ER that is just a couple blocks away. So they can diagnose you if we cant. But we make sure to try diagnose you as much as we can before we refer you over to the hospital.

Leave and stitch up lacerations or wounds at Stillwater urgent care in the dead of night if you did something that you just don’t want to talk about to the doctor we have patient, Dr. confidentiality so if you don’t want anything to be heard by anybody else the doctor will keep it just between you two but just make sure if you cut yourself at three in the morning make sure to get that stitched up before you bleed out, because most people just think a cut is in deep enough that need stitches but it actually can lead to death from how much blood loss that they have, we take that into huge consideration so that everyone is taken care of.

Why do patients rather go to us than their primary doctor? Stillwater urgent care will be, because we are open when you’re primary doctor offices closed open seven days a week 24 hours a day so that we can take patients early in the morning or the dead of the night it doesn’t matter we’re here for you. As well as if your doctor is on vacation you can’t get into your primary doctor so will be your primary doctor for a day. And we will make you feel just at home is your primary doctor does.

The only thing we don’t treat here at AMC urgent care is life-threatening or limb threatening injuries or illnesses we will refer you over to the local ER so they can take very good care of you and they have a very exceptional staff just like we do that will welcome you with arms wide open even if you are not in the tip top shape. So that they can best treat you for anything that you need. Because each and every one of our patients are cared about and we want them to be in the best health so they can be with their friends and family and just see another day with them.

If you are needing care at two, or 3 AM in the morning give us a call and see if for open at 405-385-0029 and we will let you know even at the earliest of the morning that we are open and we will help you with anything that you need. And if you need a just a little more reassurance on our website take a look at everything we have the offer so that you know whats the best we can do for you to make all of our patients feel at home and let them know everything that we do for them.