Stillwater Urgent Care | Won’t the Stillwater urgent care be like my primary doctor?

You are exactly correct the Stillwater urgent care will be just like your primary doctor but we are actually going to listen to every knee that you want not that your doctor is not to listen every need the will take it in the highly consideration so that you and your family get the best aptitude for success and won’t stop until we find out the diagnosis for whatever you are dealing with. Because we want to make sure that Evan leaves with a happy smile on their face knowing what they are dealing with not leaving and confusion and just have a prescription at the pharmacy.

The waters are care is also going to exceed expectations other than your primary doctor because we leave our doors open seven days a week, especially in the holidays, because most people get sick on the holidays. So we make sure that we leave our doors open on holidays so than people that have a problem or sickness during the holiday can come and get that extensive care. As well as we don’t close our doors at 5 PM because we do not believe in closing our doors before people get off work because that would not be the ideal motive to do. If we close our doors before 5 PM no one really get off work and then they have to get off work to come to the doctor because we closed early.

As well as we don’t not have to set an appointment to come in to our amazing facility. The walk-in clinic so that you and your family can get the best aptitude service as quickly as possible so you don’t have to wait over the weekend to see a doctor. We want to make sure that we are always for you and your family no matter what time of day it is or what day it is will always make it a point to see you and your family. No patient left unseen is our motto and we want to make it a point that we do not leave any patient unseen.

We just want to make sure that you know we are the fast and family services that is going to exceed everything and every service you’ve ever had before. Arms wide open and the kiddos get a soccer and the sticker because we know how rough it can be to come into an urgent care and get shot or get the vaccinations that you need to make sure that we accommodate everyone’s needs because we are not wanting someone to become on accommodated.

So if you have any questions about our company can always give us a call at 405-385-0029 and ask any of our amazing doctors and questions you have for them or you go to our website at and take a look at everything we have the offer because to make sure that you are apt to the test for success when you come into Stillwater urgent care.

Stillwater Urgent Care | Why is Stillwater urgent care the best urgent care out there?

The amazingness of Stillwater urgent care will not stop 30 minutes to the days over it’s actually gonna go exceedingly over the time. Because even if you are there two hours late we are going to stay and give you that exceptional service so that you and your family can get the service that we have the offer. Because when I can turn somebody away if they come in 10 minutes before we close to make sure that we give them the service that they deserve and make sure that we do the job done right and don’t take shortcuts because shortcuts lead to more problems.

So here Stillwater urgent care to make sure that you are able to afford what we have the offer so you can paint online but if you need so if you can’t pay when you go into our offices it’s not can I bother us one bit is when I like other facilities were used to pay directly just to get seen. We don’t want that to happen for anybody. So we give your competitive pricing as well as paying online at a later convenience because they you don’t get paid till next week and you have to get to the doctor today and that is perfectly fine you can pay whenever you want to.

Unfortunately and fortunately when you come into Stillwater urgent care you’re going to want to drop your primary doctor because of how exceptional service urine again how fast and friendly the service was and how high quality of a company we are. Because we know how annoying it is to call and schedule an appointment to be seen by your doctor when you should just be able to walk in and get seen because your sicker than a dog that day.

There is no other company that is going to put so much dedication and hard work and to make a you proud. And to make you feel better during the day because we want to ensure everyone that they are getting that exceptional service and that they will be led down by a company that is just not all there so the Stillwater urgent care were we the exceptional company that is to make you feel like you’re at home and give you that outstanding over the top service that you’ve always wanted from a doctor.

No matter what questions you have for our company will always be there to help you answer anything. So give us a call and have one of our amazing representatives or doctors answer any of the questions that you have for our outstanding organization. We can take a look at our website so we can show you everything that we have to offer because we want you to be better apt for success. To take a look at a website at and see how we can help you today.