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Graph you can pay online here at Stillwater urgent care because we are so very prompt courteous and always professional and getting the medical care they need. So it’s always best to have your ID your identification card as well as your insurance card ready to have insurance. Also we do accept MasterCard Visa American Express for any kind of payment such as you know dealing with your copayment. To have insurance we work with most insurance providers especially with in network health providers. So if you’re not sure call us and see if we actually work with certain insurance carriers but most the primary most the time we actually deal with the majority of the well-known insurance providers. But it never really hurts to check. So if we are the urgent care near CW want to be able to go to Stillwater urgent care for all your simple minor emergencies.

But if you do not have an emergency and it’s and that’s a life-threatening emergency do not come to us, go to an emergency room as soon as possible. We understand during these winter days you know people have asked and say you know they slip on ice going out to the mailbox or in a Nina twister ankle going outside walking their dog and a slip on the ice and they want to be able to get things checked we can do that for you. Open mornings afternoons evenings weekends and holidays. We are the premier Stillwater urgent care that most students young families and old people are choosing.

So our office staff is always animation have the strength and training in emergency medicine especially in dealing with maybe minor issues that actually might turn into bigger issues. That’s why we’re always prepared to make sure that you’re getting the exact care that you need in case something were to turn life-threatening during your visit. So if you’re actually dealing with maybe fast heart rate maybe it may be an atrial fibrillation you never not really sure what’s going on maybe never dealt with it before you come over to Stillwater urgent care in an early sure how to remedy it interesting that our team can do is actually a good identify the situation get you over to the emergency room as soon as possible in case something were to become life-threatening or limb threatening. Also 405-385-0029 a good

Calls about our Stillwater urgent care and how you can pay online. And see why people are choosing us as well as my careers not be happening. If LC had the AMC urgent care plus they are the minor emergency as well as the occupational medical center in medicine center of choice. We are located in Stillwater Oklahoma and we service all students of Oakland State University and we can also offer you all employers drug testing and physical exams as well.

Cosmo for more information as well see how everything that’s happening within a company. When initiating the best the best and best here at Stillwater urgent care. You pay online or you can pay your and get all my we are very up-to-date with different insurance policies and we want to be sure they were accommodating for you especially when it comes occupational medicine drug alcohol screening and preemployment physical exams at competitive pricing with easy access and availability. Tickets call today at 405-385-0029 are good to

Needing A Phenomenal Stillwater Urgent Care?

For your convenience here at Stillwater urgent care we are actually offering you your bill securely on be able to pay online. If you just click a tab to pay online simply click the pay your bill button and fill in the information and thought the form and then we’ll get that to member of our team to be fill out that form to make sure that it is known that you and updated that you have a pager bill. So we understand that some people do not have insurance so we want to make sure that were able to provide the best service without making you pay thousands and thousands of dollars per visit that’s why urgent cares are so important.

Stillwater urgent care is here for your convenience and as well as paint your own convenience. By actually just simply locating to pay your bill on our website to do so. If you are just an absolute hurry or maybe you actually had an emergency situation that was an emergency situation until you actually got to urgent care would be happy to be able to get you and assist you back to the emergency room to make sure the getting all the needs and all the possible medical remedies that you can find.

We want to make sure in and ensure that my patients Jesus is because we are not only located in Stillwater but were also located in Owasso Oklahoma as well as Ponca City Oklahoma. We want to make sure and ensure that you’re getting urgent care plus and everything they could possibly need from exams labs and occupational therapy and physical therapy. So cost 405-385-0029 a good for additional details and information about us.

We want to make sure that you get an absolute best even if they see our reviews and see what other patients are saying about us. We went always make sure that we are in our pledge as well as make sure that we see promptly we offer you a courteous attitude as well as service as well as provided the top professional medical care that you need to be able to go back today and about your life. It is called he would be happy to be able to have you walk into our clinics be able to see a nurse or doctor as soon as possible for nonemergency situations.

So if you’re specifically wondering about Stillwater urgent care and if we are really convenient as well as having competitive pricing with easy access and availability and you have it here with us. This is my patients Jesus. Because were open Monday were open seven days a week morning afternoon evening especially when you’re a regular doctor’s office might be closed or it’s a nonemergency situation there. The next walk in and get to see a doctor or to our nurse right away. So call us at 405-385-0029 to to learn more about us.