Here at AMC Urgent Care Plus, care at AMC Urgent Care Plus, we can guarantee that we are absolutely the Top Urgent Care Stillwater because we always offer our patient with very courteous and caring and loving services that make art feel like they are at home. We offer many many different services anywhere from a simple code to a x-ray services. Our Dr. Samuel has had years and years of experience treating patients and he is dedicating to bring that love into our community so that people will remember him as the Dr. to go to when their primary doctor is not in town.

There are many things that makes AMC Urgent Care Plus the Top Urgent Care Stillwater Oklahoma area because we are a clinic where you can just walk in without scheduling any appointment. We are open 24/7 because we understand that most hospitals and most doctors get off work at 5 o’clock don’t just stop feeling sick at 5 o’clock! He might be some o’clock NIA may be 3 o’clock in the morning, you might be having a severe stomach pain that you don’t have no ideal what is coming from. You’re desperate for somebody to help you to take a look at your illness and try to make you feel better. We are there for you if you have any discomfort in any area, with the promise that we will use our expertise if we will use our experience from our Dr. to make you feel so much better.

Why should we be called Top Urgent Care Stillwater? Well first of all, there are numerous of the services that we are for you the most walk-in clinic can never offer you with. For example, we offer you occupational medicine services which you can come in if you experience any injuries or illness related to work. We offer a 5-panel & 10-panel drug screen (DOT/non-DOT), we also offer a result after a breath alcohol testing. Also offer the convenience of storing your company chain of custody on site. Also you are needing a full digital x-ray down and you are not able to make the schedule with your doctor. No we got you covered.

Another words, you will not have to worry no more if you’re having any knowledge threatening symptoms at odd hours or at the most convenient time. Let me know what time it is, we will be there for you because that is our passion and that is our dedication is to bringing comfort into people within our community so that they’re not suffering. It hurts us to see anybody hurt so much from the physical pain that they’re restricted to do whatever they want to do in life.

So please anytime you’re experience any discomfort, please come to us at to learn more about our services that we can provide you with, when you’re ready, you can also contact us at ponca city 580-762-1552, stillwater 405-385-0029, Owasso 918-272-2882 to cater for surety with us started. We promise to take care of me just like were taking care of our family.

Top Urgent Care Stillwater | A Variety Of Services

If you’re looking for the Top Urgent Care Stillwater in Oklahoma, if you are looking for a doctor who is truly can be listening to you and your discomfort as the absolutely priority, if you’re looking for a truly reliable and deep walking clinic will provide you the care that you need, you are looking at the right place because AMC Urgent Care Plus is here for you to give it of any discomfort you are experience. Our Dr. Samuel Hague, M.D. and Parnell Adams are very dedicated into hoping the people within our community by bringing them actually of protection they’re looking for.

I can tell you many reasons why AMC Urgent Care Plus is the Hague, M.D. and Parnell Adams that you are looking for. Because we are open 24/7. We understand a your illness doesn’t just stop at 5 o’clock so we are staying open for you. You can walking anytime of the day and any day of the week, expecting that we will provide you with the best services there is. You do not have to worry about fitting us into a schedule guess you can just walking anytime, we will be. We will be there with the highest engagement with the greatest attitude. Our Top Urgent Care Stillwater is what you have needed.

There are many services that we offered that makes us the Top Urgent Care Stillwater. There are many services that we can offer you the the majority of walking clinic to not offer. For example, we can offer you occupational medicine we can provide any care at a unity for any work related injuries. If you’re needing a breath alcohol testing, we can provide you the test just right right there instantly. We can also offer you a full digital x-ray or a employee drug screening or a basic version and coloring testing or hearing testing up to 4000 Hz… You see her berate, most of the services that you can only find in a hospitals, you can finally here as well.

Where here for you no matter what the situation is. No date if you can get a hold of your doctor because he is on vacation, but is it because you can take of work that many times to fit your schedule into your doctor schedule, or perhaps you are what we from home on vacation yourself and trying to seek that care that you get our home. We can guarantee you two previous as of home by treating you as one of our family member.

While we want you to stay healthy at all times, if you’re ever experience any discomfort, please contact us at ponca city 580-762-1552, stillwater 405-385-0029, Owasso 918-272-2882 to give us the opportunity to make you feel better. You also go to her website at to learn more about the services that we offer. I guarantee that after you experience how great the services that we can provide you with, you will not be regretting your choice of believing us.Hope to see you!