Do you live in Stillwater are you looking for a Top Urgent Care Stillwater who is a reliable walk in clinic where you can trust the doctors and the nurse enough for you to be to go there without any hesitant knowing that they will be taking care of you? Are you so troubled by keeping up the schedule of you and your doctor trying to fit into their schedule while you constantly have to take off work for it? Are you tired of that allergy can never get rid of you are tired of those from the big doctors that you have?

AMC Urgent Care Plus is here for you as the Top Urgent Care Stillwater day and day out, 7 days a week, all year round! We know that your illness doesn’t stop at 5 pm. We make sure that whenever you feel sick whenever you feel the discomfort, we will be there for you doesn’t matter if it’s 10 o’clock and night it’s 2 o’clock in the morning. You can count on us to always be there for you whenever you need us. You can easily just walking to our clinic without scheduling any appointments, knowing that our nurses and doctors will take care of you with a big smile. We are there for our patients day in and day out, our mission is to make our patients feel great as him to be able to walk out our clinic feeling much better.

If you are experiencing any symptoms for getting a cold, and you’re looking for the Top Urgent Care Stillwater while your doctor is on vacation, AMC Urgent Care Plus is here for you no matter what! You will be sure but I you are walking with a cough, or a rashes, or urine tract infections, or perhaps you’re having a fever of 103°… You know how frustrating it is that you cannot get appointment you with your primary doctor. We promised to take care of you just as good as your primary doctor.

We are here for you no matter what the situation and what is happening in your life. Perhaps you are away from home may your on vacation you don’t know where to go you are having a annoying coughing that would not leave you alone. Perhaps you are tired of trying to take off work to accompany your doctor schedule. The winner what the situation is, our door is always open for you, seven days a week.

Every single one of our team members are truly proud of the results we have got so far. The nurses and doctors are truly passionate about what we do, never see a frown in this clinic because he makes our job so much worth it when you feel so much better! Please contact us at ponca city 580-762-1552, stillwater 405-385-0029, Owasso 918-272-2882 . You can also go visit us on our website at to learn more about what services that we can provide you with. You can also choose your payment options online on our website. All you have to do is to click that pay now button to make your life so much easier!

Top Urgent Care Stillwater | Our Services For You

If you live in Oklahoma Tulsa area and you’re looking for the Top Urgent Care Stillwater, you are definitely in luck because AMC Urgent Care Plus is definitely here you 24/7! Our core value and core mission of our company is to be there for the people within our community to bring them comfort when they are not feeling good, we want to let them know that we are therefore them no matter what. We want them to be able to think of us as the secondary Dr. or somebody has that backbone they can fall back on not having to worry about sickness anymore.

The me tell you why AMC Urgent Care Plus is you are looking for when it comes to walk in clinic in your area. Our Dr. Samuel Hague, M.D. and Parnell Adams are truly passionate about making the patient feel better. They are experts and they are very experienced in what they’re doing. So you will never have to worry about having your symptoms taken care of because we are there for you no matter what your experience. We have the Top Urgent Care Stillwater.

If you asked me why AMC Urgent Care Plus is the Samuel Hague, M.D. and Parnell Adams you’re looking for, what I can tell you that there are numerous of services that we can provide you with that other walk-in clinic will never be able to provide you with. For example, we offer to treat our patients if you’re ever experiences any rashes, earring fiction, and a cough, and a cold, or urinary traction infection, or you experience any fevers. We also provide occupational medicine so you you ever get a dirt from work, we got you covered. We can do any treatment for work related interests or illness also do follow-up with continuous care, but also do employee drug screening for digital x-ray, TB skin test, Hep B vaccine, Tetanus vaccine, and many others. We are very dedicated green consistent results with the requirements set goals.

There are many other services offer you that many other walk-in clinic can ever provide you with. For example we offer a five panel or a 10 panel drug screening services, but also do urine drug screens that are collected on site and we can offer you eats the results on breath alcohol testing. We also have daily couriers for LabCorp and FedEx delivers to other testing lab if there is any requirements that we need to deliver a test to another lab. Also do preemployment physical exams that includes any hearing test up to 4000HZ, UA dip in office for DOT exams, Basic Vision & Color Testing… etc. You will love our Top Urgent Care Stillwater.

After reading the services that I list above, I’m sure that you will become as to the number to why your symptoms is no matter what you are looking for, we can treat any known life-threatening illnesses with our expertise in our experience from our Dr. Samuel Hague, M.D. and Parnell Adams. You can wholeheartedly trust our doctors because we are highly trained and we have over 100 years of experience combined together.

If you do not believe me, go to LSI to listen to the client testimonies from our previous patient. They will tell you that we not only trigger patients just on the surface level, we’re also interested our follow-ups and we truly care about how our patient feel like even after they walk out of the clinic. So please, choose us as your function clinic because you know we will beat her for you community. Call us at ponca city 580-762-1552, stillwater 405-385-0029, Owasso 918-272-2882 if you have any additional questions.