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When choosing your healthcare provider, you need to make sure that you find a healthcare facility that is able to provide you with all of your potentially is necessary needs to make sure that I have an extremely safe, but they always have a doctor and nurse present I thought someone who can administer pain prescriptions, take your life, and vitals. You need someone who is available to you after you gave the week, and it 24 seven. Because sickness doesn’t ever rest, and it doesn’t just stop at 5pm on a friday. Which is why here at the top urgent care Stillwater facility, we are open seven days a week 24/7.

Because no matter what your needs are, you need a fully functional staff was prepared to help you. So when your primary doctor’s office is closed, or your and able to schedule a convenient appointment because your doctor’s office is completely booked up for the next following month, and you need to see a health practitioner now. We are here when you were local family doctor’s office is closed, or when you are away from home and have an emergency health needs that has surfaced. If you have any questions about urgent care plus, you can call us at urgent care Stillwater number. Still be able to provide you with the top urgent care Stillwater location is closest to you.

We are able to provide treatment for non-life-threatening or limb threatening injuries or illnesses. Some examples of what we are able to treat here at our facilities are common cold, sore throat, any fevers or rashes, as well as being able to provide aid, for the flu, or any urinary tract infections and most other health conditions that are not life-threatening. So if you need to stop by the top urgent care Stillwater today, we welcome you as a walk-in regardless of not receiving any appointments.

Another services that we can perform on-site, are EKG pulmonary function testing as well as your basic vision and hearing testing. You can even perform hearing testing of
4000. The are able to repair any small fractures, if you need a splint or need something to be cast then we can take care of their smaller fractures and provide you with crutches, and follow-up care. Just as a reminder, no agreements are needed, were open seven days a week, and we are located in close distances to hospitals, and physical therapy offices as well as open MRI station.

If you would like to see an extremely detailed list of those who have arrived here at urgent care plus, go online to urgent care website. Because the cost of our health services is very comparable to the cost of other area clinics, and are service is more economical than a visit to an emergency room would be. Because when you make a visit to the emergency room, it is extremely expensive, and wait around for hours. So if you need an urgent care provider now, and you don’t have a lot of financial resources to pay towards emergency room visits, come by the urgent care plus centers we have in Stillwater.

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Of this content was written for AMC urgent care plus

Here at the top urgent care Stillwater facilities, no matter what your health care needs are you will find a way to provide our services to you. We ask that as you visit our office, we don’t have any immediate you patient forms for you to fill out currently, but we do ask that you provide a current photo ID and an insurance card with you for every visit. We do accept most insurance carriers, however I would verify with your help. What services, procedures, and treatments they cover. We don’t want to go blindly into your visit here thinking that everything is covered and taking care of.

We are able to file the claims of your insurance carrier for you, so if you are nervous about having to work directly you the claim providers, then provide us with your health insurance information, and we can contact them for you. Understand about working with them can be frustrating that often times there is extremely long way line either online or over the phone. And you may not have the time necessary to wait for 30 or 40 minute on your lunch break trying to find out if your policy covers this.

Any and all deductibles and copayments they have to pay a fine of your insurance are to at the time services are rendered. That means that you have to provide proof of payment, and either paid cash, personal type, or credit or debit card. We do accept and file Medicare, the matter what insurance provider you are on, or if you are on Medicare we will help you get healthy once again. That is because here at the top urgent care Stillwater facilities, we understand your health needs are urgent. And as long as it is not a life-threatening, or limb altering disease or emergency, then we can basically handle anything that the phone our way.

Our staff members are so friendly, which is incredibly important when you come in feeling sick, and have headaches, and does feeling lousy. You want someone to look be kind to you and treat you with courtesy and respect, and how competitive the heart. You’ll find that is how all of our team members here at urgent care plus field, completely everyone as if they were our own family members. So if you need help filling out paperwork, you are more than happy to help you, or after making your deductible or Kofi making need to set up and schedule a payment plan we can do that also.

Our staff members are friendly, kind, and courteous, and they really know the dream. They are all certified nurses and physicians, and the have had years of experience in training in emergency medicine before coming to work here at top urgent care Stillwater. They have experience in treating family medicine, and occupational medicine make sure that you are provided with the highest quality of care and services. Our pledge to you that we see you, we will give you prompt,, and professional medical care to you and your loved ones.