Top Urgent Care Stillwater | The best urgent care open in Stillwater?

AMC urgent care is the best urgent care in Stillwater because you don’t need an appointment to walk in and get seen by one of our top doctors that’s why we’re awarded top urgent care Stillwater. You don’t have to call in an deal with the pesky appointment times or anything just walk in Robin seven days a week in fast and friendly service so don’t feel that you have to call and move around your schedule walk in today and feel free to get seen by one of our doctors.

Our medical staff make sure we are top urgent care Stillwater, so when you walk in you are greeted with exceptional service, because you are number one on our list we treat every patient equally. And we don’t discriminate if you didn’t make an appointment or call ahead, because sometimes it just isn’t possible and it’s just a dire need to come in right then right now. So if you have any illness or injury from Strep throat, to sports injuries feel free to walk in and we will assist you with anything you need.

We are open seven days a week that’s why we’re the top urgent care Stillwater unlike your primary doctor so you can just walk in and and get greeted by our friendly staff that is gonna treat you like family unlike your primary doctor that is trying to get you in and out we actually take the time to monitor and find out what is completely wrong with you and not just gonna send you out of the door with a misdiagnosis will go down to the T to find out what is wrong with you and assist you with any medical care you need.

We work with many organizations and have been awarded by many companies for our outstanding performance and client management. Live semi reviews on Google’s from patients telling us how we treated them like family and not like their primaries trying to dish them off with medicine that they didn’t need. We work with organizations from the Ponca City news, to the OU College of medicine even the AMBUCS. So if you want an exceptional organization to go to that can make you feel like you are somebody instead of anybody

So if you want exceptional and outstanding service and people to make you feel like you are somebody give us a call at 405-385-0029 Stillwater to book an appointment and make sure to check out our website at or just drop by to see how our amazing staff will assist you with whatever you need. Because everybody deserves to feel like they are somebody when they walk into the doctor not just feel like another number that’s been taken down and written by the receptionist’s if you want outstanding and exceptional service from our staff is sure to give us a call or walk in today.

Top Urgent Care Stillwater | what doctors open seven days a week in Stillwater?

AMC urgent care is the top urgent care Stillwater because we don’t stop or go home at 5 PM were actually open seven days a week all day all night long. Because all of our patients are important to us we shouldn’t close our doors for new patients because they have nowhere to go when their primaries close at five or 6 PM so we make sure our doors in arms are open so we can take care of anybody anytime anywhere. With our fast and friendly service staff we make sure to get you an out as quickly as possible but make sure we diagnose you with the right thing unlike your primary.

Finding a good urgent care is hard because some don’t give you the time you need that’s why MC is top urgent care Stillwater, because we sit down and focus on your needs not ours were not trying to get you in and out like everybody else facts are trying to diagnose you and help you with any need possible are exceptional and friendly staff will try to assist you with anything they need and if we can’t will refer you to the local emergency room but will do anything in our power to help diagnose you with whatever you have. We have an exceptional walk-in clinic where our medical staff has years of training so they’re not gonna just to wing it because they learn something off Gray’s anatomy actually get a diagnose you with what they think you have.

So if you need anything from sports physicals to play football because you haven’t got one already, or you got some pesky poison ivy from hiking in the woods come on into the top urgent care Stillwater tour walk-in clinic from minor emergencies to extreme emergencies we will assist you with anything you need is our doctors are well-trained and have the experience you need. Our staff is efficient friendly and knowledgeable about everything in the medical field so that you don’t have to worry they will wrongfully diagnose you something you don’t have in your sentence will just get worse. They will give you the right medicine that you need for anything.

We don’t only have locations in Stillwater we actually have a location in Ponca City, and the Owasso. So you don’t have to drive all the way to Stillwater to get exceptional service if you’re in those areas we can treat you the we don’t want to drive outstandingly far to get service by one of our exceptional doctors. But if you do have to drive a distance to come see us just know we are open 24 77 days a week so just walk and you’ll be greeted by our friendly staff. We are here for you and to make you feel like family so don’t be afraid to ask us any questions you have and will give you the answers.

To make sure to check out our website at for our services and what our walk in clinic will provide for you each and every day 24 hours seven days a week or be sure to give us a call it 405-385-0029 to let us know that you are coming in or even just walk in whenever you please.