Urgent Care Broken Arrow | Our Pledge to You

This content was written for AMC Urgent Care

Are you dissatisfied with the Urgent Care Broken Arrow that you are currently working with because they don’t seem to have any sort of mission statement work or values in their hot is? As this showing in there works at they deliver for you? Are you needing someone who is going to be knowledgeable and efficient that is ready to help you in your time of need? We are here to be the solution to all of these concerns. Coming to our facility today and see how we are different from the others.

We offer so many different Services here because we want your convenience to be the top priority of what we do here. We know that you possibly love your primary doctor but they may not be open during the evenings or holidays which is difficult for you when you come across a time of need during those times. We are also very dedicated to competitive prices that are easy to access and available at your request. If you are an employer who is needing to set up an employment physical exams we are able to offer these Services again with competitive pricing.

Whatever you are Desiring of your facility weather be just to have a little bit more respect and discernment with the pair that you receive a we are here for you for that. Our pledge is that we will always give you prompt courteous and professional Medicare. That you deserve this at the very least. And we are also going to offer the most competitive pricing because your time and your money are the most valuable resources in your life. We know that we have family. Because we’re very picky about who we hire.

We want your experience here to be one that you would want to recommend to your family and friends and that’s why we are very confident in the service that we provide. We’re consistent with this and you won’t have a hit and miss type of experience with what you were Desiring. Our staff has had many years of experience and training of Family Medicine in emergency medicine. We also have experience in occupational medicine to me all of your needs and concerns. You can trust us with whatever your concerns may be.

We are the Urgent Care Broken Arrow for you because we are dedicated to offering the services that you need. We are reliable on having knowledgeable staff that can address your health concerns at a prompt and efficient manner as well as provide you with a courteousness that you deserve. We are Professional Medical positions that are knowledgeable and areas as far as Occupational Medicine drug and alcohol screening and pre-employment physical exam. Our services are of high value to you because we are also available 7 days a week with walk-in visit welcome. Come into our facility as soon as you find yourself in need of a physician.