Urgent Care Broken Arrow | Oriented Around Family

This content was written for AMC Urgent Care

Are you needing an Urgent Care Broken Arrow that is oriented around family? Are you looking for somewhere that’s going to treat you like an individual patient that has family members that also have needs as well? Are you tired of being seen as just another number? This is all of what we like to solve here at AMC Urgent Care. Call us today so that we can schedule your first appointment or you can just walk into our clinic and we will be happy to hear your feedback.

Customer service is going to go above and beyond and over-deliver what your expectations can possibly be for us. We do this on purpose because we truly care about you and we are so protective and our processes to achieve this everyday. You know that you can trust us because you are worth more then just a dollar amount to us. We truly care about your health and that’s why we’re open seven days a week and we take care of Family Medicine. The quality of care that you will receive here is of the highest standards.

We have the most affordable pricing in the area because we want you to not have to settle for less. You shouldn’t have to lower your standards just to be able to afford the appointment and that’s why we have such competitive pricing. We want what’s best for you and we proved this with our pricing structure and our availability that we have for you. This is something that we actually care about because we offer other services for you as well.

This is what makes us different from anyone else in the area because we are also trained in the emergency room. As long as it is not life-threatening or lump right now you’re able to help you with those emergency situations which is more economic for you. It also saves your time which is your most valuable resource so that you can spend that with your family outside of work and all the activities that you have going on. Read everyone’s reviews and you will see that many people love working with us. I know that everyone says this but we truly are the best in the area.

We are a urgent care broken arrow walk-in clinic that is open seven days a week. We are even the office that is going to be open on evenings and holidays so that you can still get the house that you deserve even when everybody else is closed. Or staff has years of experience and we Implement that in our processes and the way that we operate here. Our website is full of information for you to see what all we take care of but everything on there is not all that we offer. Or services are not limited to what is on that website. If you have a question just ask.