Urgent Care Broken Arrow | Athletes Trust our Sports Physicals!

This content was written for AMC Urgent Care

Do you have an athlete in your family? this means that you need an Urgent Care Broken Arrow that you can rely on for any injuries but even further we want to get you ready for the season ahead of time. We are here to address all of your concerns whether you have asthma or you are just simply needing a physical. schedule an appointment with us today but this isn’t even necessary you can even just walk in for this.

As an athlete yourself or maybe a parent to an athlete you know how vital it is to have trusted Physicians who can perform physicals thoroughly. We are here to get you ready for opening season of at your score of choice to make sure that you are practicing with the safest way to your health. We’re dedicated to making sure you are set up for success and not putting yourself in endangerment. it is important that you don’t choose anybody to perform this physical just to get it over with for eligibility requirements. You really need to be intentional about choosing someone that knows what they are doing.

We are super convenient for this physical appointment because we know how busy your schedule is. We know as far as a student-athlete you are going to have homework and other requirements and obligations to attend and you can’t be missing any of those just to have this appointment taken care of. That’s why we’re open seven days a week for your convenience and no appointment is even necessary. This you can walk into a facility and we can get you taken care of immediately. We are as open as late as 8:30 p.m. as well for your convenience.

We value your time because we know that it is such an important aspect of your life and you may have limited amount of it available. That’s why we are dedicated to offering such a flexible operations hours here at our facility. We want to best serve you and that is one way that we are guaranteeing to offer that. We also have the most experienced staff in the area with over a hundred years of combined experience between our facility members. You will love working with us because we also have the drive to over-deliver what your expectations are and address every concern that you may have.

We are the Urgent Care Broken Arrow for you because we truly care about your schedule and we also offer the most affordable pricing. We are in network with a lot of the insurance companies that you could be working with and we are here to file all Insurance claim so that you don’t have to worry about that. We have you covered in every aspect because we are passionate about what we do. We over-deliver and have the highest standards for delivering the . you can trust us to address all of your health care concerns. Call us today so that we can schedule you an appointment or even just walk into our facility.