As you are on your journey to find the best Urgent Care Stillwater there is, I am sure that everybody’s looking for a clinic who they can trust and would they can rely on as they want to find a doctor who is truly trustworthy and will always this to the patient as the first priority. We promise that here at AMC Urgent Care Plus, we always this into a patient and put their needs and concerns as the very first priority. Because we want to better serve our people within our community and bringing comfort to them so they get to enjoy life without any restrictions. Our Dr. has all-day theories that Iota X is that you need into bringing you the best care that you deserve. We are highly trained and highly experienced and our team can definitely provide you and your family and bringing you comfort.

AMC Urgent Care Plus is here for you as the best urgent care Stillwater there is. We can offer you a a variety range of services anywhere from treating a simple cold or a cough or a rashes or some ear infections has a fever that came out nowhere. Besides these simple symptoms that we can help you all, we can also offer you some complicated services or medical hopes that most walk-in clinic do not offer. That is why he makes is the best walking clinic there is as long as it is not life-threatening symptoms that you are experiencing.

We understand that being the best urgent care Stillwater there is, we know your life do not stop at 5 o’clock. That is why we keep our door open to what time it is. You might be for clogging a morning on a Wednesday, it may be Sunday afternoon when everybody else’s relaxing at home. We promise to keep our doors open for you because we know how panicky and how frustrating you must be willing your baby is experiencing fever that came out nowhere and you do not know what to do. You want to provide your family the best care that you can get them with, and we can help you with that!

So like I said, we can provide you with the best of services about what they it is. Our doors open always open for you. No appointments needed. We also work with most of the insurances. So you can come to us without worrying about how much you have to pay because your insurance will be taken care of for you. There is also a pay now but on our website if you go with visit us on the website. That payment option is there for you to make your life easier, just one button away, you don’t have to worry about filling out paper words or other things that you need in order to pay for your visit.

We will always deliver the best services that we promise you with as long as you contact us at ponca city 580-762-1552, stillwater 405-385-0029, Owasso 918-272-2882 to let us know how we can help you with your medical issues. You can also go to our website to listen to the testimonies from our previous clients and patients. On that website,, you can also find out more information’s about more additional services that we can get you with.

Urgent Care Stillwater | Why You Should Choose Us

There are many reasons why Pugh were looking for the best urgent care Stillwater. Nowadays everybody is looking for that one clinic they can truly trust on and who is truly reliable and dependable will listen to their patients and truly understand what they need. If you choose us AMC Urgent Care Plus as your care provider, I promise you that we will always delive the best services that you deserve as well as be able to provide with the most experience and most expertise from our doctor. All of our nurses and doctors are highly trained and highly experienced thing within the field. So you do not have too worried about if your symptoms are too big a you have to go to the hospital for it. As long as it is not life-threatening, I am sure that we can take care of you right there and right then.

We are truly the best urgent care Stillwater because we truly understand how much a pain you are in how much of a pain IMO you are you waiting let’s say your son or your three-year-old daughter is having a fever that came out of nowhere and you do not know what to do. That is why we keep our doors open for you 24 37, at any time of the day as well. You can walk into our clinic without scheduling an appointment so that you don’t have to worry about fitting your schedule into our doctor schedule. Perhaps your doctor is on vacation you just can’t make the schedule work in the next available appointment is in three weeks. Your life cannot wait! And we do not want any of our people within our community to endure and suffer through to physical pain or having right now just so that they can fitting to the doctor schedule three weeks later. That is why we are here 24/7 and bringing the comfort for you and your family.

As the very best urgent care Stillwater, we can provide you with a numerous of services the you might be needing as your medical provider. Perhaps you are looking for a hair also love our collections for your DNA reasons. Perhaps you are looking for a fraction care for your broken leg. Perhaps you are looking for a TB skin test on or perhaps you’re looking for a basic version or hearing test, can also do that for you up to 4000 HZ.

Additional services that we can provide you with includes breath alcohol testing, so if you are looking for a breath alcohol testing done, we can definitely get you the testing that you’re looking for as well as providing the results of the for you even walk out of our clinic. Most of the clinic all day can never do that and you have to wait on the additional week or two weeks to get your results back, so if you choose us, can probably suited to deliver the service that you need at the highest engagement at the shortest amount of time.

On our website at, you can find a lot more services that we can provide you with. There is also a another payment option for you on our website, just click the pay now button so you came choose to pay online right there. So you will save your German is meant of time and having to filling out paper words for your payment options and having to mail them out etc… We hope that we get the opportunity to serve you and future!