If you live in Stillwater and you’re seeking the best urgent care Stillwater, then you deftly need to put yourself towards care. AMC Urgent Care is located in Stillwater at 1909 W. 6th St., Ste B, Stillwater, OK. Call because we know that is important that we work later than you do when it comes to convenient urgent care and we don’t close until 8:30 PM. We also stay open till 830 every day the week except for Sundays when we are still open until 5:30 PM. At that location during those times, and if you find yourself in Ponca City or Owasso we have location in those cities as well. So if you have any urgent medical needs that aren’t life-threatening, then you can always come to AMC Urgent Care we can take care of you as a walk-in. There’s never any need for an appointment a AMC.

We can provide the same services as an emergency room except for in life-threatening oral and threatening conditions. Right here at our urgent care Stillwater you can find services such as on-site labs, EKGs, to directories, IV fluids and medication administered, and we can even provide sports physicals. We also treatment team elements such as poison ivy, earaches, flu, strength of, the common cold, and even urinary tract infections. We can even provide you with occupational medical services such as treatment for work-related illnesses and injury, preemployment physical exams, and employee drug screening is where is here and saliva collection.

Here at the AMC Urgent Care in Stillwater we make sure that we provide you with the best Urgent Care Stillwater by offering the same pledge and all of our facilities that is to say when we see you we will give you prompt, and courteous, and professional medical care. This goes for every location of AMC Urgent Care regardless of the situation. We don’t discriminate make sure we provide quality medical care to every patient. We also strive to make sure that we provide outpatient service at competitive prices with easy access and availability.

On top of the services that we provide in the affordability as opposed to the emergency room, we are also proud that we are also able to offer you the most convenient hours including weekends and holidays. To make it even easier most insurance companies lift us as an in network provider, and you can feel safe with us because our staff as well over 100 years of medical training combined.

Like can use the services provide your aims because walk-in but if need be can also cause 405-385-0029 or you can visit our website for more information at amcurgentcare.com.

Urgent Care Stillwater | Some Of AMCs Most Frequently Asked Questions.

People visit our urgent care Stillwater facility. AMC Urgent Care they often have some of the same questions. First question is generally how long will it take us to be seen followed by the time you close, and then also they also frequently want to know if we can prescribe medication. First of all if you have come to AMC Urgent Care as your best alternative to a hospital emergency room and you made the right choice in coming to AMC over the other Urgent Care Stillwater. First of all we make sure we stay open later to the more convenient to you and help you feel better whenever you’re suffering from illness or injury, and we also make sure we provide the same level of medical care as you would find the hospital only here under care we can’t help you with life-threatening or limp threatening situations in which you would have to go directly to an emergency room.

The first question the most people answer when they come in is that once you know what have a close, especially because it was on 405-385-0029. It’s a great question and we’re proud to say that we are open until 8:30 PM on weeknights through Saturday and it told 5:30 PM on Sundays. We make sure we stay open late because we know that we need to work later than you do. We strive to stay open as long as possible to make sure that we can help you with any and all of your injuries and illnesses and we also stay open not only a weekend so we here on holidays too. We are open every day, 365 days a year.

People also often want to know how long it is generally going to take them to be seen when they come in because we encourage walk-ins over appointments. You can make an appointment with AMC Urgent Care when you need Urgent Care Stillwater, but we encourage everyone to walk in to be seen their medical needs. But when you come in we will put you on the list, and we always want to make sure we and see you with a great dancer and that is as soon as possible. Every day in every situation is different in the medical field especially within urging care. As much like the emergency room the fact that we have to prioritize patients and make sure that we take care the base and the pain level and the seriousness of their condition.

The third most frequently asked question is a lot of people want to know they come in if we can prescribe medications them. In the answer to that is yes we can do everything that emergency room can do we just do not treat life-threatening emergencies or and threatening emergencies but other than that we can basically do the same thing to provide the same services.

If you feel like AMC Urgent Care is right choice for you the make she come and see us and you can always give us call it 405-385-0029 or just log on to our website at amcurgentcare.com for more information including a way to conveniently pay your bill online.