If you don’t feel well or you have an injury in especially if you are a student at the University of Oklahoma who has no immediate family within driving distance and you need care, the make sure that if it’s not life-threatening, then you come and see us here at AMC Urgent Care who is the best Urgent Care Stillwater. We can provide you with quality medical care at a great convenience and a much more affordable price than the emergency room. To that end we also make sure we stay open later than most other urgent cares because we know that we have to work later than you do for many people to get your kids thinking. And in support of that we stay between 8:30 PM during the week for Saturday and we are also open until 5:30 PM on Sundays. Should never trying to put out, or self medicate with other people’s prescription or drugs or anything else of that nature, you should always seek a professionals help instead of trying to manage it on your own.

Here at our Urgent Care Stillwater, at the AMC urgent care facility, we have a pledge to you. That pledge says that will we see we will give you prompt, courteous, and professional medical care. We also pledge that are occupational medicine, drug/alcohol screening in pre-employment physical exam services will be offered a competitive prices with easy access and availability. This to ensure that everybody receives quality medical care and matter what the circumstances and the can also receive occupational medical services at a fair price and that you can always find it here at AMC Urgent Care.

So don’t worry either if insurance is a concern for the Urgent Care Stillwater if you need to see somebody, because here at AMC Urgent Care we are in network for most insurance providers and that can be taken care of with no problems far as insurance goes. You can also fill like you’re in good hands because AMC Urgent Care has well over 100 years of combined medical training amongst our staff.

You can always feel like you’re in good hands AMC Urgent Care because we provide you with better hours than any other care including the weekends and open on holidays. We are convenient option if you are away from your doctor if your doctor is unavailable for some time. It’s also great alternative to the emergency room affordability when it is a non-life-threatening situation.

If you need to get touch with AMC Urgent Care you can always call us at 405-385-0029 but remember you don’t need an appointment you can always walk in. If you want more information you can visit us at amcurgentcare.com we can find much more information including the ability to pay online.

Urgent Care Stillwater | What Is AMC Urgent Care?

If you are familiar with the urgent care concept, then you may or may not be living in an area with ample urgent care facilities have sprung up all over the United States since the Obama administration urgent cares have been a common site across every city and town in the United States because they provide a proper alternative to the emergency room when you can’t wait weeks to see a doctor but you need to be seen now or within the next 24 to 40 hours without being seen for a life-threatening emergency at the emergency room. If you need the Urgent Care Stillwater, then come and see us at AMC Urgent Care because we are open until 8:30 PM, and we don’t even close until 5:30 PM on Sundays.

When it comes to the services that you can find at any Urgent Care Stillwater but more specifically at AMC Urgent Care where we have the best variety of medical services available you can find that when you come see us we can do on-site labs, EKGs come on site to directories, administering IV fluids medication, and we can even perform sports physicals. We can also assist you with more common situations such as lacerations and wound care, maybe, your eggs, flu, structural, common cold, and urinary tract infection trends in addition to occupational medicine services such as employee drug screening, physical examines and Workmen’s Comp. related illnesses and injuries.

We are also proud of our pledge for not to start Urgent Care Stillwater and also for every one of the AMC Urgent Care facilities in Owasso, Ponca City and Stillwater. Our pledge says that when we see you we will give you courteous, and professional medical care. What this says is the fact that we are going to give you the best medical care that we can provide to you on a nondiscriminatory basis at any time to matter what the situation is as long as it is not life-threatening or limb threatening and requires immediate lifesaving course of action at a

Also keep in mind AMC Urgent Care is an in network provider for most insurances, we stay open late for you convenience including weekends and on holidays and we also provide private pay discounts.

Your medical services at AMC urgent care, then don’t hesitate to walk in and receive medical care from us but you can always call us if you need to 405-385-0029 we can just visit us on our website at amcurgentcare.com we can find much more information about us including the ability to pay your bill online, and even apply to be part of the team from the website as well.