• We use the Most Reliable FDA/EUA APPROVED COVID-19 Test Available in The Area (PCR 15 Minute Testing)

  • We provide COVID-19 IgM/IgG Antibody Testing

  • We also test for Influenza A & B, Group A Strep, and RSV with PRC testing

Here at AMC Urgent Care Plus, we only perform HIGHLY ACCURATE PCR COVID19 tests. This is the GOLD STANDARD testing method to diagnose COVID19. We are able to run the PCR COVID19 test in 15 minutes or less from a simple nasal swab. We utilize PCR analyzers in all of our in-house labs at all of our clinic locations. Our PCR TESTING IS FDA APPROVED. We also offer PCR testing for Influenza A & B, Group A Strep, and RSV. 

We also run COVID19 IgM/IgG Antibody Testing. Antibody tests are not to be used to diagnose acute disease but are used to give additional information about past infection or where a COVID19 patient is in the course of the illness. The test can be performed in our lab in about 15 minutes.  

We operate a CLIA/COLA Certified Moderate Complex Laboratory within each of our Urgent Care Facilities. Here at AMC Urgent Care Plus, we have received numerous “AWARDS of EXCELLENCE” from CLIA/COLA for our laboratory operations. We only run FDA and CLIA APPROVED tests in our labs. 

So, as a patient, you can count on our lab services to be as accurate as possible for your peace of mind. All of our in-house laboratory services can be billed to your medical insurance plan, Medicare, or Medicaid.